How Much of the world is covered by oceans?


Those privileged few who have seen the Earth from orbit frequently describe it as a beautiful blue marble. This is a result of the planet’s surface being mostly covered in water. Water does not naturally reflect blue light, although it can appear blue when it does. The majority of our earth is … Read more

Creating a Seashell Display at Home

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A popular beach activity is gathering seashells, but what do you do with them once you get home? A collection of seashells can appear disorganized and will leave sand trails all over the place. Get inventive with them rather than tossing them out or leaving them in a corner. In addition, know … Read more

Actors Who Starred in Beach Movies

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Summertime typically entails two activities: relaxing on the beach and watching a movie in a cool theater. However, there are some films, such as beach movies, that let you do both at once. These movies can be great white fright flicks, giddy beach blanket romps, Coppertone-kissed surfing safaris, or swoony moonlit romances. … Read more

What to Do When You See a White Beach Flag

White beach flag

What Does a White Flag at the Beach Mean? The white flag frequently indicates that the rescue service is present and engaged on the beach and that there are no potential concerns or restrictions on swimming in the sea due to the weather. In addition, read more about universal beach flags and … Read more

What Does a Purple Flag at the Beach Mean?

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Flags at the beach are often found outside near the surf and lifeguard towers. You’ve surely noticed them while enjoying a day at the beach. They have red, yellow, green, and, last but not least, purple. But what do these beach warning flags mean? This guide will look at what purple flags … Read more

All About Seashells – Things You May Not Know

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Most people can recognize a seashell at a glance, but not everyone knows what it is or where it came from. Seashells have a distinctive shape that makes them excellent noise amplifiers for ambient noises such as air. When you hold a shell up to an ear, the sound you hear is … Read more

Famous Beaches With Casinos

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What’s better than a vacation in a relaxed setting with turquoise waters, a white-sand beach, and gentle breezes? A vacation that includes all of these benefits and even some exciting casino action. Aruba, Curacao, and the Bahamas are some of the tropical paradises with casino resorts. The best gambling spots in the … Read more

Why There Are So Many Beach Shows in Anime

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Although anime is a medium with stories and genres ranging from sci-fi and philosophical horror to romantic slice-of-life comedy, it is heavily codified and structured around well-worn tropes rooted in Japanese culture and tradition. One of the staples remains the obligatory beach episodes. To qualify as a beach episode, it must be … Read more

Universal Beach Flags and Their Meanings

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On beaches, to avoid potential safety risks,universal beach flags are widely used. Have you seen these flags near lifeguard services on the beach but don’t know the meaning of these flags?Well, in this article, we will tell you about variousuniversal beach flags and their meanings. These flags play an essential role on … Read more

What is Red Tide?

What is Red Tide?

Often red or brown in color, a red tide can be observed along a marine coast. Red tide is a type of algal bloom, which occurs on the coast when algae (a plant-like microscopic organisms in a body of water) grows out of control. The overgrown algae cause the water to change … Read more