Avoiding Beach Flies While at the Beach

a macro image of a horse fly on a hand

After a long, stressful day at work, you decide to relax at the beach with your friends or family; then the beach pests arrive! While the sound of the ocean waves and the warm sand beneath your toes may make you feel like you’re in paradise, a bite from a beach fly … Read more

The Best Ways to Repel Sand Fleas

a close up of a sand flea

Nobody wants to be bugged while at the beach, whether by hawkers or actual bugs. Sand fleas are a species of beach pests that has the potential to derail your plans. They ruin your mood and cause itchiness and, more concerningly, many diseases. That is why it is critical to understand how … Read more

How to Keep Beaches Clean and Safe

a beach with beach chairs and cottages

Beaches all around the world have always been an attraction for tourists and people who love to enjoy summers. The beauty of land meeting the ocean is somewhat mystical, and of course, a source of joy for everyone. While we enjoy our trip to the beach, we often forget that we have … Read more

Guide to Beach Pests and How to Keep Them Away

Beach Pests

Going to the beach is an exciting way to spend your summer vacation. But as you head to the water, you might not be aware that the beach has critters and creepy crawlers too that might bother you. Yes, believe it or not, even the most pristine beaches can host a lot … Read more

How Waterproof is Sunscreen?


Sunscreen is important especially to those who spend hours under the sun. It is also very essential during summer when we are going out for a swim because it can prevent us from being sunburned. But have you ever wondered how waterproof the sunscreen you’re using is? Based on the new Food … Read more