Best Beaches to Visit in South UK

Historical landmarks and museums are not the only tourist attractions that the UK has to offer, as there are also beaches that you can visit to chill down and relax while enjoying the sea breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves. Most of the popular beaches in the UK are located in the south, where the temperature and climate are slightly warmer than in the northern parts of the country, making the south the perfect destination for the summer season.

There are many reasons for you to go to these well-known beaches, but the best one has to be by celebrating a campervan holiday to the south. Visiting these locations via campervan is a great way for you to get a better view of the attractions while also enjoying the luxurious feel of staying inside a campervan. However, before you hire a campervan, you must obviously know where you are headed. To get you started on where to go on your vacation, here is a list of the best beaches that you and your loved ones can visit in the southern parts of the UK.

Jurassic Coast

Most of the beaches that we have included in this list are located in Dorset, and the most popular beach in that area is the Jurassic Coast. Now, you may be wondering why it has “Jurassic” in its name, it is because it is considered a heritage site filled with dinosaur bones beneath the surface. On the coast, you will be allowed to join a fossil hunting walk where your group will look for dinosaur bones using special equipment. Once you are finished fossil hunting, you can visit the Dorset County Museum and look and take a look at the Jurassic Gallery if you want to know more about dinosaurs.

Weymouth Beach

faraway view of Weymouth Beach

Located in The Esplanade, a street in the town of Weymouth, Dorset, the Weymouth Beach is a great summer destination for families or groups of friends. The Weymouth Beach is considered to be King George III’s favorite beach, as he frequently visited the area in the later 1700s. As the favorite items and locations of the royal family are “trendy” to the common folks in the country, people started flocking the Weymouth Beach, and it soon became a popular attraction. Weymouth Beach often hosts festivals during certain times of the year, so if you are planning to go to this area, make sure that you look at their calendar of events if you want to participate in the festivals or if you want a vacant day where you can relax on the beach while there are not a lot of people. According to the Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide, Weymouth Beach is one of the best beaches not only in the south but in the whole country as well.

Canford Cliffs Beach

Another beach found in Dorset, the Canford Cliffs is known for its crystal clear waters and white sand beaches that look mesmerizing to look at. While it is not popular among international tourists, the Canford Cliffs are still visited by many locals, especially those who live in Dorset. If the locals aren’t yet tired of looking at the beautiful view of the area, then it is a good indication that Canford Cliffs is truly an amazing place. If you are looking for some delicious food, you can visit the Canford Cliffs Village that is home to many restaurants and other establishments. What’s also interesting about the place is that it is dog-friendly, although you can only bring your pets on the beach from October 1 to April 30.

Gundimore Beach

Gundimore Beach is a long coast located in Christchurch, Dorset, where you can get a view of the beautiful Mudeford Sandbank and the popular Isle of Wight from afar. On this beach, you will find a dedicated watersports area where you can try riding a jet ski along the clear waters. Visitors will also be allowed to access other nearby beaches like the Avon Beach and the Mudeford Quay. Although there are not permanent establishments around the beach, there are mobile food trucks that you can find on the promenade. Also, unlike in the Canford Cliffs, where dogs are only allowed to enter in specified months, pets are welcome in the Gundimore Beach at any time.

Studland Bay

the beach at Studland Bay

If you are looking for sandy beaches that are golden in color, then you can visit Studland Bay and you won’t be disappointed. Studland Bay is a collective name for a number of connecting beaches in the town of Studland, and these beaches are the South Beach, the Middle Beach, the Knoll Beach, and the Shell Bay. All of the stated beaches are owned by the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, which is a charity organization dedicated din conserving the beauty of several heritage sites in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Because of its prestigious stature, Studland Bay is a popular tourist destination.

Eastbourne Beach

Eastbourne Beach in Sussex

Found in Sussex, a county in the southeast portion of England, Eastbourne Beach is a south coast beach that has pebbles on its land instead of sand, which offers a different view from the ones that you will find in Dorset. The beach’s most interesting feature is its long pier, which has a length of 300 meters. This long pier was built in 1870, and the beautiful pavilion at the end of it still exists today for locals and tourists to admire. The Eastbourne Beach also has the Carpet Gardens, a stunning attraction filled with colorful flowers that are planted close to each other to form a carpet-like surface.

Frinton-on-Sea Beach

A less popular tourist destination found in Essex, the Frinton-on Sea Beach is less commercialized than most of the beaches indicated on this list. However, its non-commercialized environment is its biggest advantage over the others, as its quiet and relaxing vibes are what people who don’t like crowds and noise would be looking for in a beach. However, to make the beach more comfortable for visitors, the owners have built a promenade at the back of the beach so that people can enjoy picnics and eat-outs while getting shade from the sun.  Be sure to check out great options like St Ives Cottages as well.

Bosworth Water Park Beach

The Bosworth Water Park Beach is a leisure park located in Warwickshire that has a café on the beachside and a camping site that is perfect for those who have campervans. Its main attraction is the boats and canoes that you can rent on the beach itself if you want to do something different other than swimming. What’s also cool about the Bosworth Water Park Beach is that it is found in Warwickshire, which is considered as the “the heart of England” since it is near the center of the country, making it an accessible place where you can also go visit other locations surrounding the county like Birmingham and Oxford.

And, there you go, eight of the best beaches in the southern regions of the UK that can be visited by hiring a campervan or by traveling. You can choose just one of these beaches, and it is guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed by the amazing views and sceneries.