Top Beaches of Florida

When you think of Florida, you probably automatically think of the beaches and palm trees. Little wonder as the Sunshine State boasts 1,200 miles of coastline, a blessing for many people on the East Coast looking for an escape to a tropical paradise. The beaches in Florida are also diverse, not surprisingly. Here are some of the best beaches in Florida that you would love to visit:

The famous South Beach is home to sandy shores, an active social life and nighttime partying, not to mention sexy beachgoers. The man-made beach spans the Atlantic for several miles and is an ideal spot to do early morning jogging and topless sunbathing. It’s also the best place to hop in for a lively night.

Siesta Key

Long stretches of velvety sand, the serene Gulf seas, and its image as a wholesome, family-oriented venue are just a few of the selling points of this beach. While there are areas to do some beachside picnics and playgrounds, Siesta Key is also ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Miami Beach

Just mention the name Miami Beach and that’s enough reason to be encouraged to go there. Hearing the name automatically rings of celebrities and moneyed folks who are the regular patrons of this famous beach. And oh, it also boasts the gorgeous sands and sea, sunny weather, clubs, and bars where you can party all night long until you drop.


Consisting of 23 miles of sandy coastline, Daytona Beach will keep any beach bum happy. Get the best deals from March to May where temperatures are warm and the beach hasn’t been tagged yet by overcrowding.

Key West

Key West may be the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys, but don’t ignore this little island. You’ll be astounded at what Key West has to offer: exciting and vibrant festivals, excellent bars and easygoing, delightful folks. It has lots of historical treasures and a sizzling nightlife. However, the beach can be too crowded at times.

West Palm Beach

Celebrities and wealthy people are attracted to the allure of the West Palm Beach, and it’s most likely that you’ll be attracted, too. It is completely understandable; the beach isn’t too crowded compared to the south. There are many luxury boutiques, hotels, and restaurants scattered around the area.

Often neglected in favor of the much more famous Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale is otherwise a great place to swim and sunbathe — or maybe even better. It is less crowded, and less chaotic, better for your budget and is overall great for a family vacation. The hotels and other lodgings there offer substantially lower rates than other neighboring beaches.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States — wide, white, sandy shores and excellent beachfront lodging. No wonder it’s been an annual favorite of families and romantic couples looking for a perfect getaway. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico in Pinellas County, it also includes a resort and residential area and features lots of opportunities for fun and relaxation for both vacationers and locals alike.

The white, soft sand, lapis lazuli waters and bright sunshine make the Atlantic Beach a perfect place to relax, unwind, and discover its folksy charm. It’s also conveniently accessible from Jacksonville with just a short drive. If you have arrived from the Jacksonville Airport and want an immediate beachside respite, Atlantic Beach is perfectly within your reach. After spending time at the beach, vacationers can also stroll down the cobblestone streets and discover what the town has to offer: restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and museums, and special events.

Another exclusive beach in Florida, Palm Beach is the vacation spot for celebrities and wealthy families. Its clear waters and images of wealth and extravagance have continued to lure moneyed folks — from the “old pennies” such as the Vanderbilts, the Rockefellers, and the Kennedys to the millionaires and billionaires of the new generation. It’s not a question that Palm Beach boasts some of the finest, most high-class hotels, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, and of course the azure waters and gentle sea breezes.

The Naples Beach is another excellent vacation spot for those looking to beat the freezing winter weather. The pearly white sands, stunning azure warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and brilliant sunshine are enough reasons to go there. But it also features great amenities as well, which is another plus for it — several top hotels, golf courses, restaurants, and shops. Vacationers have also commented about the excellent service and warm hospitality of the folks there.

Captiva Island has the reputation of being one of Florida’s Shell Islands (the other being Sanibel). The Turner Beach may not be an excellent place for swimming due to its rapid currents, but it’s a perfect spot to go shell-hunting. Be sure to leave live shells or otherwise you’ll be at risk in breaking Florida’s stringent shelling laws. Don’t miss out the sunset at Captiva Beach — it is really stunning beyond words.

Sanibel Beach is a unique barrier island because of its location. The uncommon east-west orientation of the island has made Sanibel Island gain its distinction as one of the Shell Islands in Florida. Not surprisingly, there are several shell beaches there where people are allowed to pick up shells of every shape, size, and color — just make sure not to take home the live ones as it’s against the state’s law. Bowman’s Beach is one of the most tranquil and remote beaches which is well worth the visit. Because shell picking is a top pastime there, Sanibel is a perfect family beach rather than it is a partying beach.

Destin is another family-friendly Florida beach because of its gorgeous white sands, dazzling blue Gulf waters and abundant sunshine. It’s also popular because of its budget-friendliness, although hotel rates can get as high as Florida heat during the summer.

The deep, dark blue waters nestled in Atlantic Avenue and Ocean Avenue is what makes Delray Beach a lovely village by the sea. It receives over a million visitors, whose majority comprise of families who go there to swim, sunbathe and build sand-castles. The nightlife scene is just as vibrant, too. After the sun sets, take a leisurely stroll on the festive Atlantic Avenue; visit the boutiques, restaurants, and places to get absorbed in art, including the Pineapple Grove Arts District.