Top 5 Summer Wedding Reception Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding during summer, you’re not alone. The warm months are the most popular time of year to get married, with good reason! From a backyard barbecue to a boat wedding California style, read on for tips on throwing the perfect summertime wedding reception.

Why Get Married During Summer

The consistently warm weather of summer is probably the top reason couples choose to wed from June through September. In many areas the probability of rain is unlikely, and if you get married this time of year your guests won’t have to bundle up in winter woolens to travel to your nuptials.

With kids out of school, many families plan vacations midyear, which brings us to the first idea for a great wedding gathering: a destination wedding! Hosting your reception in a beautiful locale allows guests to attend the festivities and go on holiday at the same time. The Caribbean islands, Hawaii, and San Diego are some of the top picks for bringing together your friends and family for a matrimonial getaway.

How To Host a Great Summer Wedding Reception

One of the biggest factors in whether your wedding is memorable for your guests is the food you serve, so the next two ideas center around dining themes. Summertime lends itself to outdoorsy enjoyment, and hosting a reception that highlights the season’s special fare is sure to create wonderful memories.

If you live nearby a beautiful green or coastal space, consider throwing a picnic reception. Offer comfy outdoor seating, and serve up elevated takes on picnic food favorites like roasted fingerling potato salad and grilled chorizo. Another idea is to host a barbecue reception, which can be both budget-friendly and an absolute blast. Guests will enjoy dressing comfortably for the festivities, and serving BBQ favorites like brisket and corn on the cob is easy, economical, and sure to please a crowd.

More Summer Reception Ideas

Another great reason to host your wedding in the summer is the beauty of the night sky during those months. With summer constellations in glorious view, throwing a reception under the stars is the next fabulous idea for your fête. What could be more romantic than sharing your first dance basking beneath starlight?

Yet if you’re seeking the ultimate one-of-a-kind outdoor summer wedding, it’s hard to think of a better choice than hosting your guests on the yacht America San Diego. Beautiful blue waters will surround you and your nearest and dearest as you take your vows and toast your marriage against a backdrop of sea and sky. A boat reception might just be the perfect way to celebrate your love under the summer sun!

When you’re making plans for your summer wedding reception, look no further than one of these ideas that take full advantage of the season’s wonders. Contact Next Level Sailing San Diego to learn how easy it is to host your nuptials aboard their elegant yacht, then get ready to sail into happily wedded bliss at your perfect summertime celebration!