Top 5 Exhilarating Adventures to Indulge in During Komodo Sailing Trip

Did you know that it’s only through sailing on Komodo island that you see one of the world’s most intriguing animals- the Komodo dragon?

The island is the largest within Komodo national park. It’s littered with treasures everywhere. Scintillating lagoons, dreamy sunsets, dazzling sunrises, pink beaches, magical milky-ways, manta rays, and, of course, Komodo dragon.

Whether you’re making the trip to gather information for your upcoming projects, or just for fun, there’s something for everybody on this adventure. While at it, remember to pack snorkeling gear, fishing equipment, hiking shoes, sunscreen, and a hat as the sun can be unforgiving.

You may wonder what activities to indulge in during this cruise? Dive in and let’s explore them together in this brief article.

1. Snorkeling

Can you imagine gliding gracefully alongside manta rays? Snorkeling on Komodo island gives you that magical experience. A manta ray is a type of fish with a flat diamond-shaped body. It’s the biggest in the world.

The island has crystal clear blue waters and spectacular flora and fauna, making it an ideal location for snorkeling. The rich and healthy corals make it a must-do activity while sailing here.

It’s also home to a host of marine life. You’ll encounter large schools of multicolored fusiliers on the many reefs. Starfish litters the ocean floor as well as stunning hues of coral.

After an exhausting day of snorkeling, you get treated to a magnificent sunset and a throbbing milky-way.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving on Komodo island is an adrenaline-charged experience for every diver. It’s the epitome of any Komodo sailing trip. Divided into northern and southern diving sites, the island is teeming with impressive marine life.

The water is inviting and warm on the northern side and colder with strong currents on the southern side. Here, you come head to head with a variety of fish species such as:

  • Manta rays
  • Sharks
  • trevally
  • Dolphins
  • Pygmy seahorses
  • Turtles

Some of the diving sites to explore are:

  • Banta island
  • Cauldron
  • Maskassar manta reef
  • Castle rock
  • Batu Bolong
  • Crystal rock

3. Fishing Expedition

Armed with your fishing equipment, a guide will direct you to the right fishing points.

The fish on the island isn’t an easy catch as they are strong, thus your fishing skills must be on point. That should not deter you, though, from enjoying and taking part in the experience.

4. Hiking Excursion

To experience everything Komodo sailing offers, you need to combine sea-land and air adventure. There’s a stark contrast between the surging blue currents and jagged mountains that beckon to you.

Furthermore, it’s only through taking a hike that you get to experience the giant Komodo dragons. Stretching at 3 meters long, they are menacing lizard-like creatures you cannot spot be anywhere else in the world.

On foot, you also get to see different breeds of terrestrial mammals such as the endemic rat and crab-eating macaque. Wild boar, buffalos, and deer are also some animals that make the hike quite interesting.

You cannot conclude your hiking excursion without bird-watching. With a pair of binoculars, a stunning range of bird species gives you an amazing treat. You can’t miss a cockatoo, green jungle fowl, and white-bellied eagle before returning to your sailboat.

5. Sumptuous Photoshoot

It would be incomplete to wrap up your Komodo sailing trip without a stunning photoshoot! The island is full of spots to immerse yourself with nature and capture perfect shots. You could set yourself up against a backdrop of lush green, hilly savannah, and pink sandy beach.

Better yet, get underwater among the dashing coral reefs and colorful fish all around you.

Allow your imagination to take over and lead you. That way, you’ll have incredible shots to take home with you after the sailing trip.


A Komodo sailing trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you should be on your bucket list. As outlined above, there are many epic adventures to indulge in and fill your days while at it. Let your hair down and blissfully cruise the island.