These are the Most Amazing Man-Made Beaches

Tourists flock to warm weather destinations to find a perfect beach vacation. And while there are many beautiful natural beaches around the world, it might shock you that even prestigious tourist destinations have artificial beaches. For example, a tropical destination usually builds sandy beaches, while popular Mediterranean summer destinations often have pebbles or concrete beaches.

Phases of Beach Construction

Most artificial beaches in the world are sandy, and we’ll look at the building process. The first step is beach cleaning. Next, developers must remove ocean waste, garbage, and debris. Finally, in places with high tide, construction includes sandbags that elevate parts of the beach and save it from high tide.

Some developers layout a concrete base and cover it with sand when there are no natural beaches to build on.

From Sun City to Dubai

Sun City is the premier gaming destination in South Africa. The resort has four hotels and is famous for its casinos. You can play games in luxurious physical casinos, sunbathe on an artificial beach with a gigantic wave pool, and relax playing online slots of real money games from the same providers. Sandy beach and huge 70,000 square foot lagoon with palm trees opened the way to more ambitious projects.

Another gaming destination Monte Carlo has a manufactured beach. Larvotto Beach is full of restaurants and bars, and the rocky shores became sandy and pebble beaches. Dubai created an artificial island in a palm tree, which transcends all other projects in magnitude. Besides this island, Dubai has several other artificial beaches and waterparks.

Beach in a Dome

Seagaia Ocean Dome was a beach in the most controlled environment you can imagine. A colossal building had a retractable roof, 12,000 square meters of beach, and an ocean simulation with approximately six Olympic-sized pools. While Japanese owners demolished Ocean Dome, a similar beach in a building is in Krausnick, Germany. Tropical Islands Resort has a 660-foot beach, waterslides, waterfalls, a lagoon and plants from tropical islands in the Pacific.

Beaches Should be Outdoor

Although an indoor manufactured beach environment might be fun, it’s more a waterpark and less classic beach. For example, Sentosa Island in Singapore is an artificial resort island with three sandy beaches, rich vegetation and fun parks like Universal Studios. Island looks authentic, and it features sand from neighbouring Indonesia and Malaysia.

The first images that come to mind when you think of Maldives are exclusive resorts with out-of-the-world clear waters and beautiful sights. The capital of the island nation, Male, doesn’t have such luxurious beaches and lagoons, but the government created Artificial Beach. The name might be somewhat unfortunate, but the beach has warm ocean waters and sand.

Inland Beach in Australia

Australian Gold Coast has some of the best beaches in the world. However, the city of Brisbane created something different with Streets Beach. Location is in the middle of Brisbane with lagoon, white sand and palm trees, some creeks and shallow parts with numerous varied plants.

How do you feel about surfing in Wales? You can do it in Surf Snowdonia, the man-made beach and the most extended artificial surfing wave.