Jet Ski Beginners Guide: 3 Tips to Follow

For many people, the first time they get on a jet ski their nerves are taut. It is important to know how to rid them before taking off and hitting choppy water where it can be difficult for novice riders in unfamiliar territory.

If not handled correctly by someone with experience with these types of vehicles, riding such a thrilling invention out into open waters could wreck your day or end up being more trouble than it’s worth.

The majority of modern jet skis can easily reach speeds up to 70 mph, and this means it’s pretty easy for someone to get injured. However, learning how ride a jet ski properly is simple when you know what safety precautions to take beforehand.

There are many different types of jet skis, and they can be difficult to control. You should know beforehand where the throttle is located as well as what you need to do if there’s an emergency on your ride too!

Be Prepared

Jet skis come with one of two types of controls, depending on the type you purchase. Some have a grip throttle and others are foot-throttle operators. You need to know before your first ride where these handles are located in order for safe operation.


When you’re at a safe distance from shore, the best way to increase your speed is gradually. Practice turning in slow water and when it’s time to have some fun, put on those gauntlets and start tearing up that wake.

Riding Wakes

Ever wanted to see what it is like on the other side of a wake? Well instead of trying your hand at snowboarding, try jumping wakes with one of our jet ski rentals. For starters you need to be comfortable riding before attempting this trick and take things slow.

If you ever learn how to ride a jet ski, there are few things that will affect your ability to do so. You’ll need to know if it’s legal for you and what age requirement is needed in the state where this activity is allowed.

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