Get Glamor in Popilush Shaping Dress

How you dress speaks volumes about how you want to present yourself to the world and how you invest in self-care. People feel comfortable next to women who convey self-confidence and good energy through the way they dress.

If you want to achieve more success, you must focus on presenting the best of yourself. The decision of a perfect body can be achieved with the use of shapewear. By shaping dress you can build your best image in seconds.

1. A lot of glamor in your day to day

Glamor must be present in your day in an adapted way. It is possible to wear basic items and still look very elegant. To create looks from this idea, try the Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress.

This dress is an 8 in 1 that delivers full body shaping. Flattens the tummy through the double-layer fabric that delivers optimal waist control. Curves are drawn naturally through the body that comes underneath. It gives you security, as it is built into the dress and does not run the risk of rolling down while you move.

Pieces that recall the classic style come back with a modern air and fit very well to go to work, for example. You can wear your Slip Maxi Lounge Dress with a knitted and crocheted overlay and complement it with a daytime accessory such as a brooch.

2. A dramatic style shows elegance

The dramatic style is one of the biggest trends for this year, as it expresses the feminine personality through clothes. Much used by women who represent the archetype of the ruler. They usually compose more symmetrical looks and travel between minimalist and clean girl.

Therefore, invest in a soft lounge dress like the Slip Mini Dress. It is perfect for creating a well-cintured look, characteristic of this style. You can enlarge your image figure if you combine the minimalism of clothing with maximalist accessories. You can even create a futuristic look using symmetrical earrings, necklaces and bracelets. In shoes and purse invest in a metallic material.

This shapewear dress features adjustable straps that allow for the ideal fit to any body type. Modal fabric is comfortable and absorbent. Butt lift technology gives you perfect BBL effect.

3. Adapt your shapewear dress with the night luxe aesthetic

How about wearing a shaper dress with that air of extreme luxury? For the Built-In Shapewear Long Sleeve V-neck Split Maxi Dress is exactly what you need. This model is an example of clothes that a powerful woman would choose.

It is gentle on the skin and has elasticity in all directions. The mesh design on the legs shapes natural, flattering curves. Tummy control becomes effective through the double layer system at the waist part.

You don’t have to worry about wearing a bra as this dress has double-layer removable pads that support your breasts perfectly. It also dispenses with the use of underwear, as the crotch is made of cotton fabric.

Wear this long sleeve lounge dress with transparent high heels or with rhinestone and glitter details. To finish, invest in an accessory with feathers for the neck area.