Enjoying Time on the Water Without Pedal or Paddle

It’s always pleasant to take a break from exhaustive paddling on pedal boats and enjoy some hassle-free water navigation. If you prefer to lounge instead of swim, there are many motorboats for ultimate relaxation!

If you prefer to be lazy on vacation, these electronic lounge boats allow you to spend time on the water with these no pedaling lake loungers.

Chilli Island Watercraft

a pedal boat tied to wooden dock pier

The Chilli Island watercraft traverses the crisp, blue water like a motorized lounge chair, providing some of the on-water entertainment of a small boat without the work and hassle. This small electric vessel comes equipped with everything you need to spend a sunny day on the (not-so) high seas with your new favorite companion.

The Chilli Island appears to be more of a towable or pool chair than a powered watercraft at first glance, but the included Torqeedo electric motor places it in the latter category. There are 0.5- and 1-kW motor options available, with a couple of 300 Ah AGM deep cycle batteries providing up to six hours of runtime.

Chilli Island GmbH, based in Vienna, considers its namesake watercraft to be a replacement for other lightweight watercraft, like pedal boats. The company thinks the craft has great promise for beach resorts, lakes, hotels, and other water-based relaxation destinations. It appears to be more relaxing than a rowboat or pedal boat, and it appears to have the potential to create an idyllic afternoon of sipping cold drinks in the sun while gently sailing over crystal clear waters.

The Chilli Island weighs 440 lb (200 kg) and measures 8.2 x 7.4 ft  (2.5 x 2.25 m); it is not built like a traditional hull but rather like an empty, floating lounge chair for two. It has a polyethylene body constructed over a fiberglass frame. 

It wraps every rider in an ergonomic full-body seat that also serves as a slide, allowing one to slip into the water on the spur of the moment. Handholds assist passengers in reboarding, and the three-panel, palm tree-inspired extendable shading system provides shade from the hot sun.

The central trackball, sounding at least as intuitive and simple as the joysticks on boats, controls direction and speed. There’s no listed speed, but given the craft’s small motor and design, it’ll certainly be limited to puttering around close to shore.

The Chilli Island may not have a lot of deck space, but a few pieces of hardware improve the ride. A bottle cooler keeps beverages cold, and cup holders on each side keep you from having to hold your open drink for the duration of the ride.

The two-speaker Bluetooth audio system plays tunes from your mobile device and has an audio power output of 80 watts. The audio is controlled by a small onboard computer, displaying information such as speed, battery level, and motor position.

The Chili Island Classic base model has a 0.5-kW motor and a 40-watt sound system. Upgrades to higher-spec models include an 80-watt sound system, a 1-kW motor, and lighting and sound effects. Company branding is also an option.

Fusion: Electric Sun Lounger

two women spending their day at the lake and in a paddle boat

Fusion is the ideal way for you and your special someone to enjoy a day on the water in comfort and luxury. Bring a friend and experience the thrill of visiting your favorite fishing hole, beach, or neighborhood dock-chat circuit. Onboard the Go-Float Fusion, you can share the experience of electric sun lounging in pure relaxation!

The Fusion is far from the physical exertion required by a traditional paddleboat, with spacious seating for two, a bimini top, a waterproof stereo, rod holders, and various deck color options. The craft is propelled forward by effortless input. Relax and unwind on a handcrafted luxury interior designed by master marine artisans.

Customize your electric boat with the available options to match your collective or individual taste. Enjoy the water on a vessel built with excellent craftsmanship, cutting-edge fiberglass technologies, and top-tier materials.

The Fusion is made of stainless steel, which stands for vertical storage, protects the motor, and allows using a wheel kit for effortless hand-transportation. The Fusion is simple, with a speed control switch with two reverse speeds, five forward speeds, and one-handed steering.

The Fusion’s power grid is a permanent magnet brushed DC motor fueled by a 12 volt SLA/AGM battery pack that can be quickly removed for replacement or storage and is rated for a maximum rider weight of 550 pounds.

BeachRay Floating Lounge

BeachRay Floating Lounge

You don’t need to own a Mercedes S-Class to drive on the highway, and you don’t have to own a six-figure speedboat to go on the water. You need a few lounge chairs, a flat deck, and a cooler to keep your food and drinks cool. In a nutshell, that’s the BeachRay, with simple controls and an outboard motor to keep you moving.

The BeachRay reduces the boat to the most basic components: a floating deck capable of hauling gear and passengers via a drive engine with simple controls. The catamaran contains foam-filled hulls that support a 14 x 6.5 ft flat, open deck (4.3 x 2 m).

The deck is extremely functional and minimalist, with two detachable 48-quart (45.5-L) coolers, two detachable reclining beach chairs, and a simple set of stick controls. Then there’s nothing but space, except for the electricals and the rear-mounted battery.

It is optimized for two passengers due to its two chairs, but it meets Coast Guard regulatory requirements for four people and can retain up to 2,000 lb (907 kg). The BeachRay, as you might expect from its appearance, is not intended for use on rough water and is best suited for simple, calm-water excursions.

The easy-to-use controls and sealed fiberglass make for more time on the water, less time spent on repairs, and less money spent on upkeep and maintenance. Customers can pull up to a tranquil beach, remove the coolers and chairs, and relax for the afternoon.

The BeachRay’s large, open deck and removable chairs allow it to be used for various purposes, such as swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and simply cruising. You can also lie out and sunbathe if the coolers and chairs are removed. It would also be simple to accessorize and build for various purposes, whether on your own or with the company’s assistance.

Without a doubt, boating is a wonderful way of expressing your love of nature, and the best way to go is to pursue your passion while causing no harm to the environment or marine wildlife around you. And if you’re planning to go boating but don’t have your own, here are excellent tips to consider when renting a boat.