8 things I always take to the beach with me

The beach is the best place in the world to go to relax. Why spend a fortune on a treatment when you can lie on the sand and listen to the waves for as long as you like? You can also do a wide range of activities on the beach too, giving you an escape from the regular routine.

There are 8 items that I always take to the beach. I have created a list of must-haves that you may not think of straight away – some may be obvious, others may not be.

Once you have them packed, you’ll be ready to hit the beach and enjoy yourself without thinking you’re missing something.

1. Waterproof Phone Case

This is an essential nowadays. When you go to the beach, you’re going to want to take some photos. Whether it’s a cute selfie for a new Insta profile picture or a snapshot of your family, no doubt you’ll be using your phone to do it.

Now, since you’re at the beach, there are plenty of dangers like sand and the sea that could damage your phone. The last thing you need is to cut your trip short to go and get it repaired.

With a waterproof phone case, these fears are taken away. You can go for a splash in the ocean without fear of losing your phone or breaking it.

2. Reusable Water Bottle

One of the most annoying things about going to the beach is seeing litter, specifically plastic bottles that people have not bothered to put in a nearby bin. Also, it’s very important to stay hydrated at the beach. The strength of the sun, particularly on a hot day, can make you very thirsty so you must have a drink with you.

A reusable water bottle like this one from Kool8 will keep you refreshed. Fill it up with water and you’ll be good for your day out at the beach. This particular bottle has excellent insulation technology that will keep the water cool for hours so every sip will taste great as you quench your thirst.

3. Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Again, thanks to the sun, the beach can cause a lot of strain on your hair. Just the exposure alone can damage it but combine that with the salt water and high winds, don’t expect anything but frizz and dry hair.  This makes leave-in hair conditioner an absolute essential to take to the beach. It will keep your hair nourished and protect it suffering any further damage. 

4. Portable Humidifier

When things get a bit too hot, you need something to cool you down. Sometimes a bit of shade from your umbrella isn’t enough – and that’s where this portable humidifier comes in. I found it on CoolThingsChicago and have not gone to the beach without it since.

It’s super lightweight so you can easily pack it along with all your other beach items. You will keep your skin lovely and moist whenever you start to feel like the air around you is getting too dry. The battery lasts a long time and there are different modes that you can use for indoor purposes too.

This product is perfect to take on your next beach trip. 

5. Swimsuit Cover-Up

These are very practical but also great for looking the part. After all, the beach is a great area to have some fun with fashion. Let’s be real, no one wants to put on a pair of jeans or jumper to keep your arms and legs covered!

Plus, when you get out of the water, you don’t want to change into something that feels damp and horrible – that will just ruin the entire experience. The soft material of this beach cover-up will dry off quickly and will retain its shape rather than being stretched out or feel baggy.

Trust me, you’ll be grateful for this!

6. Beach Sandwich Maker

Food is just the best thing in the world. Scratch that: fresh sandwiches are the best things in the world. And they are even better eating on the beach! 

I found this beach sandwich maker at Giftwits and it’s perfect for the whole family. It takes little to no effort at all to set up and start making a sandwich. Simply stick your ingredients in and you’re all set. From grilled cheese to chicken melts, it can make all your favorites in little under 5 minutes.

Never go hungry at the beach again with the amazing product. Before long, you’ll wonder why you never made a sandwich at the beach before.

7. Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes

How many times have you walked across hot sand or stood on a shell on the beach or shallow water? Probably too many times for your liking.

This makes these mesh slip-on water shoes essential to take to the beach. You will protect your feet, making it easier to move around the beach. These shoes have excellent grip too so if you decide to explore the rock pools, you won’t slip and hurt yourself.

They also look awesome and would fit pretty much any of your beach style choices.

8. Reef-Safe Sunscreen

I cannot talk about things I always take to the beach with me without mentioning this. It’s so important to protect your skin. Sure, a tan looks amazing, but if you’re not careful you are prone to causing a lot of long-term damage. It’s really not worth the risk.

Now, I recommend using reef-safe sunscreen to protect the ocean. Most standard sunscreens contain chemicals that cause long-lasting damage to aquatic ecosystems. With climate change and looking after the environment such a hot topic, you can do your bit to help the animals and sealife.

Author bio: This article comes from Andrew Peterson at VegasForAll