What to do on your vacation while coronavirus is still around

The pandemic has done a lot this year in most parts of the world, but that does not mean life should continue to be all gloom and doom. It is important we still find the time to enjoy ourselves, love as much as we can and open up to new possibilities of living. On that note, you can still get out and go on that vacation you have always wanted. If you are at a loss for what to do on your vacation, here is a list you can follow:

You can immerse yourself in online entertainment

Since the pandemic has made it difficult to relate with others physically, you can cure your boredom by consuming entertainment on the internet. There are lots of YouTube videos you can watch. You can even sign up on Netflix. Either in form of audios, videos or text, the internet has got you covered.

You can engage yourself with vacation related activities

There are a number of vacation related activities that you can engage in if you are stuck at home and can’t travel because of the Coronavirus. For example, you could read about the country and city you would have wanted to travel to. Look at pictures, watch videos and documentaries about the city and watch movies in those areas. If you can’t go to any national place as planned you can order their national food online.

You can learn a new skill

If you have never had the time to learn a new skill, your vacation period is the best time to do so. Get the materials you will need for learning ready. Besides, the internet has made it easier to learn more skills these days. Get some videos on it and implement all you have to learn. You will enjoy your vacay!

You can take some personal development courses

It is often said that the best investment is yourself. You can only do more, have more, be more and contribute more if you have attained a higher version of yourself. Take courses to develop yourself in areas where you know you fall short. Do not be overambitious; do not bite more than you can chew.

Get involved in a sport

Here is another way you can spend your vacation. You can learn how to play football or basketball. You can learn how to skip or take yoga classes. You can learn how to play table tennis. The options are endless. You can even decide to join a gym and do some exercises to keep you in shape. You will need fitness a lot!

Start a personal project

if you have always wanted to start a project, now is the time. You do not want to end your vacation without doing anything worthwhile. Your vacation is one of the best times to plan and prepare accordingly. It is the time to run a pilot test to check if your project is feasible or not.


Volunteering cannot be overemphasized. If you feel bored on your vacation, look for a charity project you can help with. You can search online or ask people around. It is a great way to spend your time because you are not only enjoying yourself, you are also contributing your own quota to the betterment of humanity. What could make you feel happier than the fact that you just lighted up some people’s dark words?

Spend time with your family

If you want to enjoy your vacation more, take your family or your partner or some friends along. Your vacation is a perfect family/friend bonding time. Every relationship needs to be refreshed and you can always do that during vacation. Bond with them over games, talks, foods, etc. It will be worth every time and penny. You could also keep yourself busy with developing the look of your home. Staying in your house isn’t bad and may be a good opportunity to improve your bedroom design and sheets!

Take time to heal and refresh yourself

Most times, we are always busy and we rarely have time to listen to what our conviction is really saying. We do not wait for our inner voice to guide us; it seems almost everyone is rushing. No one is listening. And such an act is very harmful. You can use your vacation period as a time to heal from all hurts, to rest properly, reflect on your life, and set your priorities in order. You can also use it as a time to refresh your energy and restrategize.