Waking Up Motivated Everyday

Most people have to deal with lazy mornings or those that lack motivation. Such mornings one knows that they have tasks to complete but lack the will in doing them. What happens when you find yourself in this mess? You might end up either playing games on your phone or going back to sleep. You end up waking up late with zero tasks done. On this website, you will learn how to deal with this issue. 

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Experimenting with One’s Schedule

In life, there is no working formula for one to be successful. What do you need to do then? Structure your day in a way that drives and motivates you towards achieving your goals. There are those people who are morning maniacs. They tend to start tackling every tough and challenging task from the moment they wake up. Others need to build momentum to jump-start their day. You do not wake up knowing the side you are on, so experiment on every possible aspect that you can fit in. Using the resistance, you get to guide in scheduling yourself helps a lot. When you discover that you are a morning person, you will tackle complex tasks first. The rest of the day, you use solving simple tasks.

Having a ‘Why’

Find a reason that answers the why you wake up in the morning. Ask yourself questions like what goals do you want to achieve? What is your purpose in life? You should know the consequences that you may face when you do not achieve your goals. 

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is a dream and motivation killer. You get to put off important tasks thinking that you will do them at a later time. It does not work like that since this time will never come. Reevaluate your goals and work towards achieving them. When you organize yourself well, your brain gets to adapt to this pattern. 

Building a Productive Momentum

When you discover that you are not a morning person, you should find a different approach. Try methods that will help you build the morning motivation you need. How do you build productive momentum? When you wake up, you can try engaging in tasks that require less brain power or creativity. The tasks can be like washing dishes, cleaning the house, or cooking breakfast.

When you engage in tasks that drain brainpower, you create resistance within you. When you do the small jobs, your brain gradually gets into work mode. You can then shift the momentum to doing the intense tasks that you have at hand. 

An example of a momentum that can work is when you wake up to the following activities.

Drink water about half a liter, then feed your pet. Meditate in a quiet environment for about ten minutes. Do some light exercise in the house. Shower, then dress up. Prepare your breakfast. After following all these steps, make it a routine. You will develop a never-ending positive habit.

Using the Rule of 3

Having a long list of tasks to achieve by the end of the day kills your motivation. You should use a productivity system that incorporates both a daily task list and a master task list. By having these lists, you avoid the risk of becoming overwhelmed with work. You should avoid creating a daily checklist that you rarely complete. When you do so, it increases the gap between what you intend to do and what you do. You should have confidence that you can complete the set tasks that you come up write up. 

Here is the Rule of 3:

When your day begins, think about the three things you want to achieve at the end of the day. Note the things you want to achieve down. Repeat the same at the start of every week.

Set goals that you can achieve, then work towards achieving them. 

Doing What you Love When you engage yourself in work that does not bring joy to you, you always lack motivation every morning. Find things that you adore, be it listening to podcasts or morning programs on the radio. You will always expect to hear a new episode of the programs or podcasts. You do not have to be doing a great thing to feel the impact, even the smaller ones matter. Walk the dog if that is what makes you happy. You have to ensure that you get up every morning ready to start your day full of energy and motivation.

You are not the only one who gets it hard to find motivation in the morning. However, that should not also stop you from using the ideas above. Do not copy anyone’s routine, thinking that it will work for you in the same way it works for others. Understand your body, then build yourself from that. Work towards being a morning person. Avoid time wastage and remember that you can achieve more when you find the motivation you need.