Top US Lake Beaches

There are several thousand miles of coastline in the United States, which means there are a huge variety of saltwater beaches. However, there’s a huge area of the Americas that’s landlocked, so the people there may not easily get the beach experience.

Fortunately, there’s no dearth of lake beaches in the United States. These are attractive spots for families, tourists, or anyone who wants a day at the beach without traveling to the nearest coastline. There are many inland lakes within the country, running with both salt and freshwater. There are some man-made lake beaches, but natural ones are also there. We’ll discuss some of the most famous lake beaches below:

Walden Pond

This lake in Concord, Massachusetts was formed by retreating glaciers tens of thousands of years ago. A part of the protected area, it is a popular swimming site as well as a place to fish, hike, and boat. Its enchanting beauty has also captured the lenses of pro and amateur photographers. Additionally, there are several picnic spots and hiking trails in the area.

The gorgeous views and activities here attract many visitors, especially during the summertime. Its main claim to fame, however, might be the work “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau. Here, the writer narrated his experience of living simply by this lake in a cabin for two years. This is why Walden Pond is also listed as a National Historic Landmark.

Walden Pond

Antelope Island State Park

The Great Salt Lake in Utah is sometimes called “America’s Dead Sea” due to its extreme saltiness, but it’s actually host a few living creatures who can survive its saline waters. Still, the lake is not a good place to swim, though its surroundings bring a strange, isolated and sometimes eerie charm. This makes for a unique beach day that might suit some unusual tastes.

This area is a protected one, but people can still go there to see the sights. Here, you’d find many wild and rare animal like the bison, antelopes, and Bighorn sheep. These roam around on the nearby grassy plains. While it’s best that visitors only take a day trip here, there is a lodging option and a restaurant for those who want to stay the night.

Boulder Beach

Boulder Beach is a beach located at Lake Mead, Nevada, which is the biggest reservoir in the United States. The lake is also famous for its spring break parties, as it’s close to Las Vegas.  The beach itself is a sheltered place that has several inlet rivers and granite boulders. This is where the name of “Boulders” came from.

Other than the parties, many tourists are also interested in this area due to the African penguin colony. This has been a favorite spot or them since 1982. Other than this area, such penguins live on certain coastlines of South Africa and are facing extinction. The chance to view this rare bird in spite of the residential setting is a large part of what makes Boulders Beach famous.

Clinch Park Beach

This pretty beach park has close proximity to Traverse City in Michigan. It’s also near to the Clinch Park Marina as well as a local zoo. While there are other beaches in the area, Clinch Park Beach seems to be the most popular one. It stretches about 1500 feet and has amenities like lifeguards, restrooms, and picnic tables.

Kohler Andrae State Park

Kohler-Andrae State Park is a vast, 1,000-acre beach located on Lake Michigan’s western bay. It is famous for its sand dunes, a boardwalk, hiking trails, and several campsites. This makes it a popular tourist spot. Swimming, fishing, and boating are other activities that you may take up there. Fishing is especially popular, as there are several species of trout, salmon, and other kinds of fish available in the lake.

This park is open throughout the year, so anyone can visit at any time they want. When it’s winter, the beach activities may be somewhat limited. However, there are sites for winter camping. The activities at this time of the year include skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, tobogganing, etc. Both families and groups can have their own campsites, with more opening up in the near future.

Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun is the biggest lake in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s for the outdoor activities it offers to tourists. These include swimming, biking and walking as well as boating. It’s also part of the Chain of Lakes. Since this area is so close to the Uptown neighborhood, it’s a popular haunt for fashionable folks, fitness enthusiasts, hipsters, and other groups.

There are several places to rent boats here, along with running, cycling, and walking trails. Sunbathing is another popular activity, especially on Thomas Beach. The North Beach and the 32nd Street Beach are more for family-friendly activities.


Just a few minutes away from the Chicago city skyscrapers is a lakeside beach called Oak Street Beach. It is popular for tourists and residents alike, especially during the summer months. Here, you’d get a taste of city living as well as a relaxing time by the lake. The beach itself is quite clean, while the locals are friendly and welcoming.

Families would also appreciate the wide range of amenities available here. These range from bike rentals to the food from beach cafes.  Along with a view of the sand and water, people here also get a great view of the Chicago skyline. This isn’t a usual sight in beaches, but very relaxing for some who don’t want to feel so far away from the city.

Point Beach State Forest

This state park in Two Rivers, Wisconsin boasts a  2,903-acre state forest, a long stretch of sand along Lake Michigan, and the Rawley Point Lighthouse which has been operating since the 1850s. The nears community here is Two Rivers, which is located a few miles away from the area.

The park requires a vehicle admission sticker for anyone to gain entrance. if you want to hunt and fish, you’d have to procure the required licenses. The park system also offers camping, with a private shop where one can buy camping supplies, groceries, refreshing drinks, etc.


The Presque Island Beach is a stunning lakeside beach which features azure waters, white sand beaches, and outdoor activities and amenities. It is part of the Presque Isle State Park in Lake Erie, Pennsylvania. This is a protected area, which includes the beach as well.

Presque Isle was a pioneering example of how successful state parks could be when they’re located near the city. The trend is prevalent now, but it didn’t catch on until the 1960s.

Presque Isle Beach


The Sleeping Bear Dunes is located at the northern coast of Lake Michigan and was once dubbed as “America’s Hidden Riviera.” It has sand dunes which rise up to 450 feet! However, there are also lower sand dunes which make it easier for visitors to climb to the top and see breathtaking views of the blue lake.

Sleeping Bear Dunes


The lake beaches discussed above each have some unique features to make them stand out. Some of them feature a rocky terrain, while others are sandy or grassy. Nevertheless, each spot is worth a visit for the beautiful surroundings as well as the fun.