Top Mexico Beaches

Mexico has been a popular tourist destination for a lot of reasons, and one of those reasons are their stunning beaches. Beach lovers will be left with a lot of choices to swim, surf, and soak under the hot Mexican sol. Here are the top Mexico beaches for you to enjoy!

One of the most famous beaches in Mexico, it has the combination of natural tropical beauty and remnants of history. It’s because it is situated near the Tulum Mayan ruins, an ancient city which stands 130 kilometers south of Cancun. The ruins may be the reason alone to go to Tulum, but the beaches have become famous on their own right as well. Azure to deep blue waters, pure white sands, amazing rock formations, and tropical vegetation make Tulum an ideal beach destination for anyone wishing to get away from the winter chill.

Zipolite had the reputation as a hippie town from the late 1960s to the 1980s; it even gained notoriety as a nude beach, although a majority of beachgoers were clothed. Whereas Zipolite may be the haven of love and spiritual gurus a few decades back, now in the 21st century it is a haven for yoga and surfing gurus. Beach lovers of all walks of life can find plenty of things to do and places to stay at Zipolite, with lodgings from cheap to fancy, as well as restaurants, bars, and a lot more.

Acapulco gained international fame during the 1950s as it used to be the tropical vacation destination for Hollywood A-listers such as Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, and Frank Sinatra. It also hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 1978. Acapulco may have lost some of its upscale reputation and grandeur but looking at the brighter side of things, it is now more accessible to middle-class local and foreign tourists. The beaches are expansive, the hotels are renovated and updated, and the prices are more reasonable than ever before.


Playa de Akumal or Akumal Beach is a famous snorkeling spot, just next door to another popular beach Playa del Carmen. It has a reef that spans from 20 to 300 feet off the shore, providing lots of exciting underwater sights for divers of all skill levels. Colorful coral reefs, tropical fish and many other forms of marine life await for all adventurous divers to see. The gentle waters are safe even for young and novice snorkelers.

Bahia Balandra or Balandra Beach is a hidden gem located in the Baja region of La Paz. Bahia Balandra is famous probably for the Diamond Rock. You will discover other various rock formations that have been shaped by wind and water for many, many years. The deep blue waters and its sheltered location make this place a bliss for beach lovers who want to have some hidden piece of paradise.

Cabo San Lucas has been ranked as one of the top five holiday destinations in Mexico. It is abundant in gorgeous beaches that you won’t have any trouble finding a breathtaking spot there. Scuba divers will also call Cabo San Lucas a paradise, as it has several excellent diving spots teeming with underwater wildlife. The presence of resorts and other commercial establishments keep on mushrooming, but the beach has retained much of its natural charm.

At one time or another, you may have heard about Cancun from watching some TV game shows which had one of their prizes features a luxury vacation trip to this Mexican paradise. It’s not a secret: this sandy strip facing the Gulf of Mexico is well-known all over the world for its turquoise waters, endless numbers of restaurants, bars and hotels, and dynamic nightlife.

Cozumel is a small island located off the east coast of Yucatan Peninsula and in the Caribbean Sea. It is brimming with gorgeous beaches that have some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. That’s why Cozumel is a magnet for thousands of tourists who descend there each year, and the huge number of crowds flocking there can be sometimes quite a downer. Cozumel, not surprisingly, earns a distinction as a premier diving and snorkeling site.


Mazatlan’s golden-colored shoreline makes this seaside city utterly distinctive. Its beaches are lined with resort lodgings, restaurants and shops, and are popular among visitors who want to experience the beach life but without sacrificing a lot in their budget.

This scenic beach gets its name Playa de Amor (Lover’s Beach) due to the fact that it is situated between two vast salty bodies of water, the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. It is quite secluded and is only accessible by boat. But the endless blue waters, amazing rock formations (especially the Land’s End) and great underwater treasures for snorkelers are worth the trouble of getting to this beach.

Playa del Carmen is utterly beautiful, with clean, pure white sands and calm, turquoise waters. Despite having gained a reputation in recent years as a vacation beach, it still retains this “sleepy fishing village” charm. Cruise ships often make a stop at Playa del Carmen which is just opposite to the small island of Cozumel, another spot full of beautiful beaches.

Despite being popular, Puerto Vallarta has managed to maintain much of its natural beauty and small-town charm. It’s a rather ritzy beach where the wealthy crowd gathers, so it’s no mystery about the presence of fancy hotels there.