Top Classic Beach Songs

Beaches are no doubt a popular attraction all over the globe. The most popular kind attract both natives of their area as well as tourists from several countries. There are also secluded beaches, which offer a meditative calm and stunning natural beauty.

However, the popularity of beaches isn’t solely due to their gorgeous settings. There’s quite a bit of media influence in how the masses view beaches, as with many other concepts. For instance, there are some gorgeous beach scenes in movies. There are also some popular songs about beaches, some of which are now regarded as classics. We’ll give some examples here:

 “Surfin’ Safari” by The Beach Boys

The lyrics in this song talk about how everyone’s learning to surf and how much fun it would be. It’s no surprise that the Beach Boys are instrumental in making surfing popular in America. The upbeat music that accompanies the lyrics will make many listeners want to hit the beach even if they don’t surf.

This song mostly talks about surfing, but it’s a catchy enough tune for just visiting the beach as well. The words also mention having a good time and generally having fun, which also makes for a great holiday tune. At the very least, many beachgoers will be bopping their heads along to the rhythm.

“Summertime Blues” by Eddie Cochran

This blue song has a familiar riff and is probably one of the favorites among older generations. However, it still retains the relevance of expressing teenage frustrations. Mostly, the lyrics talk about a young boy who can’t enjoy the summer properly due to his summer job. Parents and bosses are also mentioned, which every teenager can relate to.

While the theme of this song might sound depressing, it’s a popular and timeless choice. If nothing else, it would remind young people to go out and enjoy the summer at the beach while they still can. The words give us ideas about what to do on summer vacation, such as taking a car out riding. There’s no special mention of beaches here, but summertime enjoyment usually involves just that.

Summertime Blues

“Soul Limbo” by T & the MGs

This song has some very unique riffs and music, making it great for a background track. You can put this on when everyone’s stretched out on deck chairs or beach towels, or even when there’s a nighttime beach party going on. It could help you get in the beach mood either way.

“Beach Baby” by First Class

Many may not have heard of the band First Class, but this is probably because “Beach Baby” was its only hit song. This was actually inspired by the Beach Boys themselves in the 1970s decade. Even though the concept may not be original, the song is still undeniably catchy. Many have grown up with these lyrics and will surely crave those summery beach days when they hear it now.

“Wipe Out” by The Surfaris

This is another classic that’s been played at many beaches back in the day. It wasn’t meant to be such a hit, being actually on the B-side of the record. However, radio DJ’s preferred the song to the A-side tracks. They hence played this song again and again until it caught on.

“Wipe Out” starts with a laugh, then has a rolling drum plus a guitar riff. This combination is now familiar to many people and will remind them of beaches, surfing, and everything related to them.

“Misirlou” by Dick Dale

This is a classic rock and roll song that gained a lot of popularity due to being on the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction. The song itself hails from Ancient Greece, though. It was actually the response by Dick Dale to a challenge by a fan. The bet was that he couldn’t play a song using just one string.

Hence, the song “Misirlou” was selected, with the musician speeding it up so that it became part of the rock and roll genre. This is a classic gem that’s still a favorite today, as Dick Dale turned it into a surf rock song. There’s also a Beach Boys version of the song, which also proves that it can be part of the beach experience.

“Hawaii Five-O” by The-Ventures

There was a television series called the “Hawaiian Five-O” running from the 1960s to the 1970s. Its theme song was performed by the Ventures and was named ‘Hawaii Five-O’. There are several features that fans will recognize here, such as the drum rolls and catchy tune. Hence, this is a song that conjures up both nostalgia and a sense of the fun we have at beaches. Even if you’re not a fan of the series, the songs itself is a catchy number in the rock and roll genre.

Theme from “Endless Summer” The Sandals

“Endless Summer” was a hit movie back in 1966, with the main plot revolving around beaches and especially surfing. Most passionate surfers have seen or at least heard of this film. It’s hence considered a great surfing influence. With this Sandals’ track in there as well, it’s only natural that the song reminds many people of beaches in general.

Endless Summer The Sandals

 “Surf City” by Jan & Dean

While this song was originally started by the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson (their lead) gave it to Jan and Dean. Wilson actually just handed them the opening lines, a verse, and the general chorus. Jan Berry came up with some more lyrics.

The duo then made the track gain top position on the Billboard Pop Chart Hits back in 1963. This inspiration behind the song and its lyric was California’s Huntington Beach. This is a known spot for great surfing and several world records related to beaches.

“Surfin USA” by The-Beach-Boys

This is yet another song by the Beach Boys, again revolving around the concept of surfing. In fact, this band has several original songs dedicated to this activity. However, “Surfin’ USA” is often cited as being among their most popular tracks.

The upbeat tune and carefree lyrics of this song embody the spirit in which most people visit the beach. Listening to it or singing it might immediately put one in the mood for surfing or at least a day at the beach. There’s a lot to learn from the song too, as it mentions several surfing spots within the lyrics. Santa Cruz, Del Mar, Doheny Way, and Narrabeen in Australia are just a few examples.

Surfin USA The Beach Boys


Vacations are usually accompanied by music to make them more relaxing and enjoyable. Beach vacations are no different. Each of the selections above has a way of conjuring up visions of the sun, sea, sand, and all the fun associated with beach trips.  You can blast these when on the road and heading towards the beach, or when relaxing on the sand.