Top Beaches of Brazil

Brazil is a country with gorgeous natural beaches all along its coastline. This is a major aspect of its tourism industry, with the beach culture also being a huge draw for outsiders. If you’re thinking of going to Brazil or are just interested in beaches, knowing more about this area is important.

Below are some of the most beautiful and famous beach destinations we can find in Brazil. We’ll also touch upon some essential details of each:

Santos Beach

Santos is the largest seaport town in Paulo for several centuries. It’s hence a bustling hub of activity, where you can get lost among half a million people. While it had export businesses such as the coffee stock exchange, it’s now an attractive location for tourists.

One of the main appeals for tourists, of course, is the longest stretch of beach garden on the planet. Here, you have your choice of morning walks, beach activities, and picnics. While the beach stretch is relatively peaceful early in the morning, they do get very crowded as the day wears on.

Ilha de Tinhare

Another notable Brazilian beach destination is the island of Tinhare. This location actually has few vehicles to speak of, being a little behind the times. In fact, the town named Morro de Sao Paolo didn’t even get access to electricity until the 1980s.

Though the island might be remote, many Brazilian natives, as well as foreign tourists, love vacationing there every year. The town itself may be small, but it’s comfortable enough to accommodate all sorts of tourists. As long as you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, the beaches here are an excellent choice for families, couples, and travel groups.

You can rent a small beach villa in order to truly enjoy this beach location. There are several paths for easy walking, white sand beaches, wild areas, and a generally relaxed way of like. The people there, though used to a slow pace of living, are still welcoming to people from outside.

Praia do Forno

The Forno beach is located by Buzios, a coastal village with a dark history. The location was actually once frequented by people like slave trader, pirates, etc. Thankfully, these industries have now dwindled to almost nothing, resulting in a fishing village now.

This place is actually famous among tourists, having about twenty or so beaches for their pleasure. These areas have retained most of their natural beauty, with some sources even claiming them to be among the most beautiful locations in the whole world.

Forno beach, in particular, is accessible by an unmarked trail. It’s a secluded area near a huge cliff and several submerged rocks. The abundance of sea life would also delight snorkelers and scuba divers. If someone wants more action, the nearby beaches are packed with more exciting activities.

Praia de Pipa

Pipa is another fishing town, though one that’s become more vibrant than before. Surfers first discovered in back in the 1970s. They were immediately attracted to the clear water, clean environment,  dolphins, etc. The increasing popularity has turned the town from a sleepy little place to a major tourist attraction. It considered to be among the top beach destinations in Northeast Brazil.

Independent travelers looking for cultural hobs will definitely appreciate this location. They get a sort of night like, proper hotels, and pousadas as well. However, those used to the city might still find it a bit slow.

Praia do Campeche

This beach is located near Florianopolis, a city that’s popular among beach lovers all over the world. In fact, there are a whopping 42 beaches in this vicinity. The city itself is divided into two areas, with one on the Santa Catarina island and the other on Brazil’s mainland. The Campeche Beach is no doubt one of the best beach options. It’s favored mostly by those who love kite surfing and regular surfing.

If you want to get closer to nature, head on over to the Ilha do Campeche in front of the Campeche Beach. This is an island with rich native rainforests plus archeological sites. These would provide ample exciting activities for any visitor or tourist.


Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is located off Rio’s coast and was once a leper colony. Due to this role, it was uninhabited for several decades. This is actually a plus for tourists, as it’s now a natural environment that’s relatively untouched by development.

You can find some of the most intact rainforests in this area along with sightings of several enhanced species. These include the brown howler monkey and the red-ruffed fruit crow. Hence, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts would find this place a haven for sightseeing and research.

Even today, this island is a stranger to roads and vehicles for the most part. You’ll find a long beach called Lopes Mendes, which also has a small rainforest. Here, several boats are available for safe passage. Surfers also appreciate the waves here. It’s also a secure area for swimming purposes.


Many people know this area as simply ‘Jeri’. It’s on the northern end of the country and located behind several dunes. If you’re up for a journey in order to experience an excellent location, this is one of the best choices. You have to trek across unpaved tracks in order to reach this small town, where you’d get lodging, an exciting nightlife, and several restaurants as well.

There’s an amazing coastal view, but the activities are no less. For those with a more adventurous spirit, the Jeri Beach offers several coastal activities. One of the most unique features here is a green flash during the sunset. Tourists wouldn’t want to miss this chance!


This beach became famous partly through the 1960s song “The Girl from Ipanema”. Now, it’s among the most visited tourist spots in Rio. It has rolling waves, soft sand, and several shops and restaurants for entertaining tourists. Also included are nearby clubs, theaters, art galleries, etc. Overall, the beach is quite organized and provides an upscale experience.

Baia do Sancho

This beach is definitely one of the most famous ones on this list. It’s been recommended by several major sources for tourist destinations online, along with many personal reviews. It’s located along the Fernando de Noronha, which is an archipelago of islands. it’s hence still a somewhat remote location, with pristine beauty and clear waters.

There’s another beach in the same area known as Praia do Leão. This place also has clear waters that sparkle blue in the sunlight. There are safe places for swimming as well as snorkeling. Even when its peak season, the island chain doesn’t have many inhabitants. It’s hence a favorite sport for those on their honeymoon or just a romantic trip.


If you’re looking for a famous Brazilian beach that isn’t secluded, check out this one in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. It’s got all the amenities, so touring families can visit without having to pack everything they’ll need.

This place is also worthy of several vacation pictures, since it boats some very unique sights. One is the checked boardwalk made of Portuguese stone. This is on either side of the sand, with all the resultants and hotels located behind it. Rio has many festivals and event, with this area being the main one for partying. Tourists and guests fill up the place on any occasion, so you should be ready to handle crowds!


Needless to say, every one of the beaches above is well worth a visit. They have something for everyone, ranging from lively beach activities to relaxing surroundings where one can meditate. It’s no wonder that these beaches are popular destinations for both honeymooners and tourists in general.