Top 10 Beaches You Should Visit This Summer

With all the travel plans brought to a halt by this pandemic, people are seen missing the idea of a recluse away from home – be it to a secluded beach hidden behind a scenic rock formation or a short trip to the nearest coast with a picnic table and accessories. Remember the times when we started making elaborate summer plans since the start of spring in March? Yes, those days might be a memory for many people who currently reside in localities that are under strict lockdown; nevertheless, the world is opening up, and the sandy beaches are again welcoming people from all around the globe to come and experience the majestic beauty of the ocean. 

If you belong to the latter group, then hold your horses. This article brings you the list of the 10 most iconic and breathtaking beaches you must visit before dying. The crashing waves against the sandy shores and the glistening sun shining above you while you soak in the surroundings, is not a dream anymore. By the middle of the list, you would surely be packing your bags and booking your vacations.

Let us all dive in without any further ado! 

Top 10 Beaches You Should Visit This Summer 

1. Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda 

If you are a fan of discovering hidden places that provide you with utmost privacy and seclusion, this might be the most suitable option. This island is regarded as a popular tourist hotspot in Bermuda; however, it is beautifully hidden under a beautiful rock formation. Also, the Port Royal Cove is the perfect place on this island that is welcoming for the kids too. So, if you are making plans with your family this year and are worried about taking kids somewhere that is too open and dangerous, this Port Royal Cove in Bermuda is the answer. 

Another most fascinating thing about this beach is the pink sand. Yes, you heard it right, pink sand! This beach complements the crystal-clear blue water with pink sand. Also, the biggest plus point here is the Spiceland’s Equestrian Centre Nearby, which offers you an exotic trail to the private cove in Southampton Parish. 

On this island, Hamilton Princess and Beach Club have been ranked amongst the top 10 Atlantic resorts in numerous tourist surveys. The rooms are spacious with all the amenities you can ask for. The huge balconies overlook the majestic island and the mighty ocean. 

2. Unawatuna in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been a hot tourist destination for surfers for a long time. It is only currently that the world is discovering the surmounted beauty of their islands. This country is the best for planning any type of beach vacation. It has long sandy stretches with roaring sea hand crashing waves in the southern city of Galle. The fact that the beaches here are surfer’s heaven implies that the water is devoid of rock and reefs. If you are planning on visiting a warmer country during summer with beautifully balanced tropical weather, then Sri Lanka it is.

One of the nearest and top-rated resorts here in Unawatuna is KK Beach. It is merely 10 minutes away from the beach, which is great on the days when you are tired to the bone after either swimming in the water all day or running around the kids chasing them in and out of the water. The resort is not a luxurious one and lacks amenities such as a gym or a spa, but who is to complain if the resort is 10 minutes away and you can practically hear the water at night.

3. The Baths in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands 

If you are in for a little visit to flora and fauna along with the sandy beaches, then the British Virgin Island is your go-to place. The Virgin Gorda is amongst the three largest islands that typically covers the whole area with various forms of natural beauty. From the serene sandy beaches to the flora national parks spanning over 8.5 square miles, this island is the prettiest in every way.

Also, the Baths, specifically, is a beautiful seaside area with large granite boulders forming a type of pool consisting of saltwater. A little dip in the Baths can refresh your soul to the core. Rosewood Little Dix Bay is an old resort in this area, and it is back with a bang after various renovations. With about 80 different rooms, outdoor showers, and villas gracefully tucked into the hillside, this resort is the best out there. 

4. Sunset Beach in Oahu 

With waters as calm as in a lake during summer, the Sunset Beach Oahu is equally mesmerizing to visit in winter. If you are into snorkeling, it is an additional attraction in summer. For the sake of living up to its name, this beach offers you some majestic and unmatched sunsets. 

Turtle Bay Resort is a popular one around here and is also the closest one. It has been ranked highly in numerous surveys about the best resorts in Hawaii. This resort was also used as a movie set in popular films, such as Lost and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. 

5. Matira Beach, Bora Bora in French Polynesia 

Tahiti is famous for its beaches. With sand complementing the beaches and the hoard of people who love visiting this breathtaking place, Tahiti has been a popular tourist destination. Matira is also a silky stretch of mile-long sand that glistens with pearl-white sand, which gracefully leads to an emerald lagoon. The backdrop of this scenic view is the thick patch of palms lined along the beach. If you are worried about the hefty five-star charges you have got to pay to enjoy this beach in Bora Bora, there is good news: this beach is open to the public.

The best choice to stay here is Conrad Bora Bora Nui. It is loaded with all the amenities that you could ask for and offers the highest hospitality. 

6. Palm Beach in Aruba 

Summer plans are not just filled with wading through the sea waters. For many water sports lovers, it is filled with plans to try snorkeling or parasailing. If this resonates with you, then try Palm Beach in Aruba. Countless water activities in this area keep you busy all day long, and after a long tiring day, you can enjoy your at-the-shore lunch in your beach clothes.

This beach also has numerous casinos and nightclubs within a mile’s reach, where you can spend your vacations to the fullest. Consider Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort for the utmost experience and justifying every penny you have spent.  

7. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands 

Undoubtedly, this 5.5mile-long beach is the loveliest of all. It is public property and provides an amazing getaway from the work hassles. Seven Mile Beach has some very comfortable hotels within its closest reach, making it a hot tourist attraction. 

In addition to that, there are numerous water sports available too, such as Jet Skis. 

8. Banana Beach in Phuket, Thailand 

Set in the backdrop of lush green trees and palms with crystal-clear water, making boating and canoeing more breathtaking. You can do a lot of rides at Banana Beach, including snorkeling, parasailing, and sea kayaking. Reach there early to book yourself a peaceful spot. 

9. Fundu Lagoon in Zanzibar 

Zanzibar is the tropical hub of Tanzania. It is a famous tropical isle fringed with palms and incredibly lovely beaches that are partly undiscovered. There are mangrove forests lined alongside the shallow water. 

In short, this little beach on the sand is like a piece of heaven on earth. Fundu Lagoon is an exclusive 18-room hotel that is built with unmatched aesthetics. 

10. Hilton Head Island in South Carolina 

About 40 miles from Hilton Head Airport is a famous family-friendly beach. It is about 12 miles wide with a terrain that is perfect for bike riding. It is a popular service beach with food served right at the beach. If you are planning to visit it with your family, be assured that this beach has tons of family-oriented activities. 

Vacations Are Necessary

Never say no to vacations. Taking your time off from the work stresses is essential, and you should never overlook it. No matter how much time you can get off, take your time away from work. It is important for your mental and physical well-being that you go away and let your worries standstill while you refresh your mind and soul.