Three Great Beach Sports to try if you haven’t Already!

Summer isn’t far off, and if you live near the beach, or planning a trip to the beach this summer, don’t give into the same old urge to just lay in the sun, sip cold beer, and read a book. If recent things have taught us anything, it’s that we all need to be healthier, and make sure that our bodies can stand up to the nightmares of nature likes of throw at us. Consider something a little more active, take advantage of your time on the beach to experience new forms of fun you may not have thought of.

Today, we’ll talk about three obvious beach sports that you may not have actually gotten around to trying, and will also talk about some essential medical equipment and medicine supplies to carry to the beach. After all, safety is important, and accidents can happen anywhere!


Surfing may be a daunting thing, and it certainly isn’t easy. But, if you have proper guidance, and you are in one of the kinder, safer waters out there, you really can’t hurt yourself that bad. Obviously, if you’re visiting California or Hawaii, where the waves can be downright massive, you may want to try something a little simpler like boogie boarding or body surfing first.

Beach Volleyball

Anyone who has seen the cult classic Top Gun has seen what beach volleyball can really be like, when skill people get into a heated game. It’s an excellent workout, and a great way to enjoy a day in the sun on the beach, if you’re not up to getting salt water all over you. You can play one-on-one, teams, or any combination, just have fun.

Jet Skiing

This is the least athletic of the activities, but it sure is fun. Jet skis can be dangerous, though, so make sure you are in safe waters, and if you’ve never written one before, make sure that you are with someone who knows what they’re doing. You can achieve a sense of speed that’s almost like flying on these things, and should you ever accidentally spill over, it’s far safer than an ATV or bicycle, because the water will catch your fall.

Now, having looked at the sports, what are some obvious things that can result in injury? Obviously, sand can scratch you a pretty bad, these you carry a first aid kit with gauze, disinfectant in bandages.

On top of this, even if you don’t have allergies, it’s a good idea to carry ice packs to prevent swelling in case you step on a starfish, piece of coral or anything else rather nasty that may lurk beneath the sand, or in the shallows.

Obviously, you should also carry sunscreen, because sunburn is agony, and melanoma is no joke. Lastly, looking back briefly at the allergies I mentioned above, it’s not a bad idea to carry and EpiPen with you as well, as you may have a sudden allergic reaction to a particularly nasty denizen of the water that you have never encountered before.

This is the most essential medical equipment and medicine supplies to carry to the beach, and if you have any other peculiar conditions unique to you, such as heart conditions or whatnot, always keep your prescription medicines handy, even if you are on a time dose, the heat and physical activity may cause symptoms to arise, requiring you to take an emergency dose!