The coolest Beaches in the US

Close your eyes and picture the perfect beach. Amazing views, the feel of the nice hot sun against your skin, and an afternoon of harmless fun and laughter with friends must come to mind. If you are lucky, there might even be a boardwalk and a hotdog stand in the mix. If you are a beach lover, then you know that true leisure time is not wasting away in a bed- it is lazing about on a beautiful beach that reminds you how truly fortunate you are.

What’s better than spending the day in flip flops as you chase fish and collect crabs in a plastic bucket? While you may think that you need to budget and plan for long-distance travel to find the best beaches, you will be pleased to know that some of the best beaches are situated right here in the U.S of A. 

As one of the few nations in the world that are surrounded by a coastline, there are beaches to be enjoyed everywhere in the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific and even the Great Lakes. What you get when it comes to American beaches is a wide array of options to choose from. 

It does not matter what you are in the mood for, whether you are looking for seclusion, hidden coves on tropical islands, a cool area for family and friends or a buzzing party hotspot; there is a beach somewhere in America to suit you.

So, which are the coolest beaches in the United States?

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City may be known as the adult’s playground owing to its prevalence of casinos and popular gambling dens. However, with oceanfront bars and restaurants, as well as one of the most popular boardwalks in history, nothing beats a fun afternoon out in one of Atlantic City’s fine beaches. 

Atlantic City is known for its continued reinvention. Having endured some tough economic stints in the past few years, the city is finally on track and is quickly regaining its former appeal. Atlantic City beaches are popular and it is easy to see why. Everything that you could ever need is available within walking distance from 5-star restaurants and bars to casino attractions and fresh saltwater taffy.

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Papakolea Beach is not like any beach you may have seen. Unlike most beaches that boast sandy white shores, Papakolea Beach is a green sand beach that is surrounded by impressive views of the surrounding volcanic mountains. It is the olivine crystals produced by the Pu’u Mahana Volcano that provides the beach with its unusual green glow.

The olivine remains on the surface of the beach because it is much heavier compared to the other components of the lava from the volcanic mountain. Although beautiful, swimming here should only be attempted by exceptional swimmers owing to the strong surf that is experienced in these parts.

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

If you are looking to get away to an exotic location but do not want to leave the country, then you should head out to Flamenco Beach, situated in Puerto Rico. Flamenco beach is located in one of the most stunning white beaches in the world known as Culebra Island. 

On Flamenco Beach, the beach stretches for miles and miles but you will not see a luxury resort or world-famous restaurants anywhere; just shallow turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. As such, if you are in the market for a secluded beach, Flamenco Beach ought to serve you quite nicely.

Bowman’s Beach, Florida

Bowman’s Beach, located in Sanibel Island, is the island’s most popular beach. Known for its pristine quality and pure white sand, it is one of the few undeveloped beaches in Florida. Unlike most other beaches in the state, Sanibel Island’s piece de resistance is free of any residential or commercial development, offering beachgoers some of the remotest miles of immaculate sand to explore and relax.

Perfect for swimming, families from all over America arrive on this secluded beachfront to collect shells owing to the low tides. There is a large area that has been outfitted with grills so that you can prepare your own meal as you waste the afternoon away.

Beachwalker Park, South Carolina

Beachwalker Park is a public beach situated in South Carolina’s Kiawah Island. Characterized by unspoiled waters and expansive sandy shores, Beachwalker Park is one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast of South Carolina. Compared to other surrounding beaches, you will not find as many beachgoers here which means that all the beach amenities and conveniences will be at your disposal. 

The cool and calm atmosphere makes it ideal for families; there are even restrooms and showers on-site so that the kiddies can rinse off the sand after they are done. Some of the activities that you can try while here include fishing and swimming but there is a cute bike rental situated close by that will allow you to enjoy some beach biking. The sand is hard-packed to make the riding process effortless and safe.

Coronado Beach, San Diego

Coronado Beach is the pride and joy of Coronado Island. This one and a half-mile long beach literally produces a golden glow every sunset thanks to the high concentration of the mica mineral on the beach. Set against the background of the iconic Hotel del Coronado, which was featured in on a 1958 Marilyn Monroe film, Coronado Beach looks like something on a postcard.

Not only does this beach offer you one of the best backdrops for a perfect Instagram shot but there are also plenty of activities that you can do on this beach. The waves are very gentle, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone that wants to learn how to surf or swim. After a fun day on the beach, finish off your experience with one of the most spectacular golden sunsets that you will ever witness. 

Final Thoughts

With 30 states situated along the east and west coasts, as well as the picturesque lake shores, you will have plenty of sandy stretches to enjoy, in both winter and summer. From Hawaii to the Atlantic, there is no other country that can offer you as much variety.