The 3 Best Destinations in The Mediterranean for Beaches

The Mediterranean spoils its visitors with a wealth of gorgeous beaches across the region. It can be difficult to really make the most of the region when traveling overland which is why many opt to sail around the region. This is especially appropriate for those looking to combine their coastal trips to the many gorgeous islands in the Mediterranean.  If you interested in sailing around the region then take a look at for a selection of yacht charters.

Here are our top 3 destinations in the Mediterranean for nice beaches:

1. Sardinia

Located centrally in the mediterranean sea the Italian Island of Sardinia is one of the most beautiful in Europe. When it comes to beaches it certainly comes out on top!

The sandy beaches of Sardinia along the 1000 km coastline are pretty special. In the east of the island, the setting is more rugged with enormous cliffs creating gorgeous little coves along the sand. The opposite side of the island there is huge sand dunes to play in along the long windswept beaches. But it is in the South Of the Island when things get really exciting. The stretches of beaches here have been compared to those in the Caribbean with their gorgeous turquoise waters and fine white sand. The beach of Costa Rei in the southeast of Sardinian regularly appears in lists ranking the world’s best beaches including lonely planet back in 2009.

It is here that pure white sands broken only by unique rock formations ease into the shallow clear blue sea.

2. Croatia

While Croatia’s Coastline and Islands are situated in the Adriatic Sea, the Adriatic Sea is just part of the greater Mediterranean Sea.  With a mainland coastline longer than 1700 km and over 1000 islands clearly Croatia was going to make it on the list. Over 100 of the countries beaches have been rewarded with the ‘blue flag symbol’ for being spotlessly clean both on land and sea.

In the North of the country, you have the gorgeous national park of Kamnejak in the state of Istria with some remarkable beaches. It is possible to cycle through the park in search of your perfect beach and with clear waters and spotless sand, this is pretty easy to do. Down south, you have some wonderful beaches in Dubrovnik such as the Coved pebble beach of Sveti Jakov and Betina Cave which requires entry via kayak. Those who visit the island of Brac are spoilt for choice however Zlatni Beach is absolute paradise with its pointy sands backed by green forest jot out into the turquoise sea. Stiniva Beach in Vis accessible after a 2.5-hour boat ride from split also deserves a mention with its gorgeous cliff-backed cove. The beach also offers a slice of history playing an important role as a hideout for the Partisans to fight off Nazi invaders During World War 2.

3. The Cyclades of Greece

We could put the whole country down here as we did with Croatia but since Greece has even more islands to choose from we decided to focus on the Cyclades. Located in the Aegean sea, this group of Islands features scenic landscapes, ancient ruins and of course magnificent beaches.

Mykonos is best known for its wild beach parties but also hosts some fantastic beaches such as Elia with the islands longest sandy stretch of beach or the remote beaches of Agrari and Fokos,

The Twin islands of Naxos and Paros or much more low key tourist destinations. Naxos has bright colored waters touching golden sands at Agia Anna beach and beyond, the further you go the wilder and deserted the beaches become. While the later has adorable white sands beaches in Kolymbithes with cool rock formations. For something a little different, you can also check out Santorini’s Unique Volcanic Beaches although the city is known much better for its wonderful white houses and sensational sunsets.