Did You Know Sand at These Beaches Is Actually Green and Pink?

Did You Know Sand at These Beaches Is Actually Green and Pink

When you think of going to the beach to spend a vacation, perhaps you picture yourself walking or sunbathing on a golden or white sand beach beneath a blue sky, enjoying the clear blue waves while green palm trees sway. But have you ever fantasized about beaches with other colors? Coastlines all around the world … Read more

Tips for Beach Camping

Aside from scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, and other water activities, another great way to spend time on the beach is by camping. You can go beach camping with your friends or with your whole family. Spend time catching up with one another by the bonfire while roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate, or lie … Read more

Tips for Building Sandcastles on the Beach

A day on the beach is not complete without building sandcastles especially when you’re with the kids. The fun part about building sandcastles is using your imagination.  You can build a simple one or show off your skills and build a show-stopping architect’s dream sandcastle. Before you start building a sandcastle, make sure that you … Read more