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Soccer basic odds

Bookmaker sports odds that the number has been utilized most is football is. Beginners don’t know how to bet, so it’s a good idea to understand the basic odds and bet.

Full-time result

Soccer games have 45 minutes in the first half, 45 minutes in the second half, and lost time in the first half and the second half (about 5 minutes). It is common to bet in anticipation of the final result of this game. The content predicts which team will win or draw.

Double chance

If the expected range is divided into two items and one of them hits, it will be predictive. Odds are often lower than full-time results due to the high hit rate from the beginning.

First goal

First, predict which team will get the first goal. We expect the second goal and the third goal in order, and there is also a no-second goal that both teams do not score the second goal after finishing with only one goal. These numbers will change depending on the number of points cut.

Match goal

Predict in advance whether the score will be above or below the specified number until the end of the match. If the regulation is 3.5, it is judged that the victory is under 3 points or less, and the success is over 4 points or more.

Alternative match goal

It is almost the same as the match goal rule, and you can expect over or under depending on whether the number is more or less. There is also the expectation of two-way corners, but the total number of intersections is expected to be above or below the specified number.