Places to Use a Pop Up Changing Tent

Changing clothes in places where there are no changing areas or private rooms can be difficult, as eyes would usually be on you if you change in public since strangers would find it awkward and weird. Luckily, there is an item called a “pop up changing tent” that allows you to set up a portable changing room on a fly. Thanks to pop up changing tent, changing clothes has been pretty easy for people that want to change into their swimsuits or hiking gear. However, some people might not know exactly where to actually pop up a changing tent besides locations without changing rooms. Here are some places where you can use a pop up changing tent.

The Beach

The most obvious place where you can use a pop-up changing tent is on the beach, where there may be limited or no changing areas. Most people that don’t have changing tents would usually change to their swimsuits in their car, but that wouldn’t really provide much privacy, especially if the windows aren’t tinted. Some would even change in comfort rooms or bathrooms, and much like cars, those areas don’t also provide privacy since they are public areas that beachgoers can use.

With the help of a pop up beach changing tent, you will be able to change clothes even if you are in the middle of the beach, but you shouldn’t make the tent look obvious to avoid strangers from stealing it or peeking through it. You should place the changing tent right next to your bigger tent so that you will be able to watch over it better and changing clothes would be much faster. There are some people that might use the actual common beach tent to change clothes, but its height won’t be enough for you to change clothes comfortably, hence the reason why pop up changing tents were made.

small red tent

The Woods

Although going to the woods for hiking may feel like a private experience for most of us if we are only accompanied by our loved ones, it could sometimes be public if there are locals that are using the trails on the woods to go from one place to another. So, changing clothes in the middle of the woods is not really recommended, as there may be strangers around that could see you change.

If you have a pop up changing tent, you can easily change clothes even in the middle of the trail, but there might be some that are wondering about the weight of these changing tents and if they are suitable for hiking. There can be a few changing tents that are too heavy to carry by one person, but there are some that are lightweight and are ideal for hikers that typically carry their items on their backs all day. Before you buy a changing tent for hiking, make sure that you measure its weight first to know if they are suitable for carrying. In addition, you should also check the dimensions of the changing tent when it is folded in order to know if it is too wide or too tall to be carried on your back.


Campsites are generally public areas, as there will be other people that are also camping in the area with you and your loved ones. Because it is a public place, changing clothes can be quite difficult, but there are some that would change clothes inside the tent. However, camping tents don’t usually provide enough protection for your privacy, which is why a pop up changing tent is essential in order to change clothes more comfortably. Most pop-up changing tents have thicker fabrics that allow them to not be see-through, unlike some common camping tents that have fabrics that may be too thin to provide privacy for those that are inside.

Pop up changing tents are convenient for campsites, especially if there aren’t any private restrooms that you can use to change clothes. The changing tent is also a great area for you to change to your warmer clothes if the temperature gets lower at night.

On the Road

If there is puke, blood, or any other kind of dirt and grime on your clothes, you can stop the car on the side of the road and pop up the changing tent to change clothes. There are certain changing tents that would pop up in one or two steps, and these tents are ideal for situations where you need to change clothes in the middle of nowhere. Of course, you shouldn’t place the changing tent in the middle of the road, so make sure that you stop over the side of the road first before setting the tent up.

Those are just of the most common places to use a pop up changing tent. Because of how frequently you would need to change clothes on the beach, it is in that type of location where the changing tent is most useful, but you can use the tent in almost any area beside the beach that doesn’t have a changing room or a private area.