How to Keep Beaches Clean and Safe

a beach with beach chairs and cottages

Beaches all around the world have always been an attraction for tourists and people who love to enjoy summers. The beauty of land meeting the ocean is somewhat mystical, and of course, a source of joy for everyone. While we enjoy our trip to the beach, we often forget that we have … Read more

The Essential Beach Packing List


Summer is here! It is the time of the year when you put on your sunscreen, wear barmudas, and head for the beach. Worried about what to pack for your beach trip? Do not stress out. We can help you out. Stick to the list we have mentioned below, and you’ll list … Read more

Top 10 Beaches You Should Visit This Summer

With all the travel plans brought to a halt by this pandemic, people are seen missing the idea of a recluse away from home – be it to a secluded beach hidden behind a scenic rock formation or a short trip to the nearest coast with a picnic table and accessories. Remember … Read more

Women Beach Packing List

A-woman-on-a-sailing-yacht-on a-beach

No one wants to let the summer season pass without visiting the beach at least once. Beach trips are fun and all until you need something and realize that you forgot to pack it, especially if you are a woman. Women’s beach packing is a little different than normal trip packing. Whether … Read more

Universal Beach Flags and Their Meanings

A man sitting on a white folding chair on the beach

On beaches, to avoid potential safety risks,universal beach flags are widely used. Have you seen these flags near lifeguard services on the beach but don’t know the meaning of these flags?Well, in this article, we will tell you about variousuniversal beach flags and their meanings. These flags play an essential role on … Read more

What is Red Tide?

Red tide in Japan

Often red or brown in color, a red tide can be observed along a marine coast. Red tide is a type of algal bloom, which occurs on the coast when algae (a plant-like microscopic organisms in a body of water) grows out of control. The overgrown algae cause the water to change … Read more

Learn About these Amazing Cliff Beaches

McWay Cove in California

Beaches are popular tourist destinations during the summer, as most people would usually enjoy swimming in cool waters, build sand castles, and just have fun conversations with their loved ones in their tents. While almost all beaches are naturally beautiful, there is a particular type of beach that is more stunning and … Read more

What Were Swimsuits Like in the 1700s

swimwear for men and women

Swimming, which was once called “bathing,” was an activity that was quite different in the 1700s compared to today. In the modern era, swimming with swimsuits where almost every part of the body is exposed is quite normal, but in the 1700s, it was important that everyone, especially the women, should cover … Read more

Movie Beaches You Can Visit

Cannon Beach in Oregon

The beach has been one of the most popular tourist spots for more than one hundred years, and its popularity is usually attributed to its relaxing and calming waters and sands, as well as its natural beauty. While almost all beaches have equal popularity, there are a few of them that are … Read more

How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Bodyboard?

a man bodyboarding on the sea

Bodyboarding is one of the most fun activities that you can do on the beach, and while you would mostly see adults enjoying the activity, kids can also have fun doing bodyboarding too. Bodyboarding is usually seen as a way for children to get into surfing, as it is basically much easier … Read more