Enjoying Time on the Water Without Pedal or Paddle

a yellow pedal boat on a turquoise beach in Greece and lines with red buoys

It’s always pleasant to take a break from exhaustive paddling on pedal boats and enjoy some hassle-free water navigation. If you prefer to lounge instead of swim, there are many motorboats for ultimate relaxation! If you prefer to be lazy on vacation, these electronic lounge boats allow you to spend time on … Read more

Avoiding Beach Flies While at the Beach

a macro image of a horse fly on a hand

After a long, stressful day at work, you decide to relax at the beach with your friends or family; then the beach pests arrive! While the sound of the ocean waves and the warm sand beneath your toes may make you feel like you’re in paradise, a bite from a beach fly … Read more

The Best Time to Visit Davenport Beach

shot from the Shark Fin Cove in Davenport Beach

Davenport is located on California’s coastal Highway 1, north of Santa Cruz and south of Half Moon Bay. Many visitors will undoubtedly pass through this charming town into or out of more popular destinations. Nevertheless, if you happen to be driving along this stretch of road, take your time and enjoy the … Read more

How to Keep a Pop-Up Changing Room From Blowing Over on a Windy Day

a tent by the beach

A pop-up changing room is perfect for anyone who requires a portable changing room and should be straightforward to set up and take down. You can use the pop-up in various settings, including beach events, camping, clothing vendors, trade shows, and much more. If you’re going to the beach in the sun, … Read more

What Does a Purple Flag at the Beach Mean?

a purple flag attached to a pole at a Robert Moses State Park beach

Flags at the beach are often found outside near the surf and lifeguard towers. You’ve surely noticed them while enjoying a day at the beach. They have red, yellow, green, and, last but not least, purple. But what do these beach warning flags mean? This guide will look at what purple flags … Read more

All About Seashells – Things You May Not Know

a collection of different seashells

Most people can recognize a seashell at a glance, but not everyone knows what it is or where it came from. Seashells have a distinctive shape that makes them excellent noise amplifiers for ambient noises such as air. When you hold a shell up to an ear, the sound you hear is … Read more

The Best Ways to Repel Sand Fleas

a close up of a sand flea

Nobody wants to be bugged while at the beach, whether by hawkers or actual bugs. Sand fleas are a species of beach pests that has the potential to derail your plans. They ruin your mood and cause itchiness and, more concerningly, many diseases. That is why it is critical to understand how … Read more

Different Names for Beach Chairs

an island with cottages and beach chairs

Beach vacations offer the best of the best in relaxation, and it is common to go to the beach compulsively. People frequently engage in sporting leisure activities, but it is necessary to take a break now and then. Some people prefer to relax on the sand, while others prefer to sunbathe on … Read more

Famous Beaches With Casinos

hard rock guitar

What’s better than a vacation in a relaxed setting with turquoise waters, a white-sand beach, and gentle breezes? A vacation that includes all of these benefits and even some exciting casino action. Aruba, Curacao, and the Bahamas are some of the tropical paradises with casino resorts. The best gambling spots in the … Read more

Why There Are So Many Beach Shows in Anime

Image of an anime girl illustration with fire in the background.

Although anime is a medium with stories and genres ranging from sci-fi and philosophical horror to romantic slice-of-life comedy, it is heavily codified and structured around well-worn tropes rooted in Japanese culture and tradition. One of the staples remains the obligatory beach episodes. To qualify as a beach episode, it must be … Read more