Must Have Items for a Trip to the Beach

When it comes to finding relaxation during a holiday or when given some time off from work, one of the best place most people think about visiting is the beach. It is a great place to spend some relaxing time alone, or a place to bond with families and friends as well. It is a place that offers lots of activities and adventures. In every trip, there are essential things we should bring depending on the place we will be going. If you plan to hit the beach, do you know the items you should take with you?

Packing for a beach trip can be a challenging task especially if you’re going with the whole family. For some people, having a beach towel and a swimsuit in their bags are enough. But aside from those obvious items that you should bring, here are other must have items for a trip to the beach.

A Solid Sunscreen

A solid sunscreen is one of the most important things that you should not forget when going outdoors most especially when spending a lot of time on the beach. When you’re going on a long drive or through airplane, make sure that your sunscreen is placed in a leak-proof case or bottle like the GoToob. Also, check if the sunscreen you’ll bring is specifically formulated to be water resistant. Here are some sunscreens that you might want to try:

Hair Protection

If we have sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun, we should also have something to protect our hair. Saltwater and the ocean breeze can make our hair dry and frizzy. To avoid that, using a leave-in hair conditioner or special shampoos can help. These products are specifically designed for the beach to protect the hair from harmful UV rays.




Where to Buy

Travel Towel

Microfiber with super soft ultra suede finish
Remarkably absorbent and fast drying

Beach Chairs

Foldable Design: Adjustable recline angle to provide comfortable position.Easy and swift to assemble.

Scoppi Sand Scoop

It comes with a smart detachable sand sifter that will double the fun as they build forts, moats and castles

Handtrux Backhoe Sand Toy

Perfect for digging in the sand or dirt
Amazing Handrulic Power Grip

Quut Ballo Beach Bucket

The Ballo’s sophisticated design and soft-touch finishing makes it easy to collect water, run up the beach and pour with ease

Djubi Classic

Includes A Launching Hook, Catching Net And A Comfortable, Ergonomic Handle, 2 Racquets And 2 Balls


Travel Towel

As stated earlier, a beach towel is one of the obvious items that should be brought to a beach trip, however, some of these towels can be bulky and not convenient to bring especially on long trips or when flying. A solution for this problem is to bring a travel towel instead. Travel towels are those microfiber ones that are lightweight and easy to pack up in a compact size. In fact, this kind of towel can absorb water better than a regular beach towel, and it can also dry quickly.  

Beach Chairs

You might be wondering how you’d be able to take a beach chair with you without hassle if you’re taking an airplane going to the beach. Well, today, there are portable beach chairs you can take with you. You will find it handy if the beach has a lot of guests and there’s no vacant beach chairs around.

Beach Toys

If you’re taking the kids with you, it’s a great idea to bring some beach toys to prevent them from getting bored. Here are some of the best beach toys for your kids:

  • Scoppi Sand Scoop: This is a cool sand shovel that will let your kids scoop sand using their hands and feet. It also has a hollow handle that doubles as a water funnel.
  • Handtrux Backhoe Sand Toy: This toy is perfect for digging moats when making sand castles or for burying one another in the sand.
  • Quut Ballo Beach Bucket: This is a cool and smart water bucket that will make building sandcastles easier. It is round-shaped to avoid spilling the water.
  • Djubi Classic: This is a game that both kids and adults would love to play on the beach. It’s like playing catch with a twist.





Where to Buy

Organization bag

THE ULTIMATE BEACH TRAVEL PACK – Beachmate’s multipurpose beach tote bag carries everything you need to have a great day at the beach. The included buckets and soft-sided cooler fit perfectly inside the tote bag, and the two shovels attach to the back of the bag. The bag features two velcro straps for carrying a beach chair, an umbrella, a rolled up blanket, or rolled up beach towels.

Portable safe

Heavy-duty flexible steel cable to securely lock around almost any fixed object

Baby powder

A classic and always good to have on hand.

Underwater camera

4K Ultra HD Action Camera. Professional 4K 25fps & 2.7K 30fps video with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.


An Organization Bag

Aside from the water activities and beach games, it’s also fun to have picnics on the beach. However, bringing all the things needed for the picnic including the foods and utensils can be difficult. That’s why having an organization bag is essential. An organization bag is a multipurpose beach bag which will make it easy for you to carry everything such as foods, drinks, utensils, and even beach toys. It is very easy to carry and it also includes soft sided coolers to keep your beverages cool. It’s a perfect item for the whole family.

A Portable Safe

When we go to the beach, whether alone or with some friends and family, we all tend to get busy with swimming and other activities that we sometimes forget to keep an eye to our belongings. If you’re worried about leaving your valuable things on the shore when you go for a dip, you can keep them all in a portable safe. It is a small vault that can hold your keys, smartphone, wallet, and other important things.

Baby Powder

You might be wondering why a baby powder is part of the must have items for a trip to the beach. Well, this is actually a beach hack. Most of us or possibly all of us hate sand that sticks to our body because they are difficult to get off and they can get our rooms or cars messy. But did you know that if you sprinkle baby powder to your body, the sand will fall right off? Any brand of baby powder can do the trick.

An Underwater Camera

If you plan to go snorkeling or diving, it’s great if you can take an action camera or an underwater camera with you. This will be able to capture all the wonderful sceneries you will see underwater. Action cameras can also be used to take good photos even when not underwater, therefore, you can use it to take photos of you and your family and friends while having a good time on the beach.

These are just some of the must have items for a trip to the beach but we hope this list will be able to help you pack things up. Have a great time on your next beach adventure!