Diving Equipment in Nusa Lembongan; Owning vs Renting

If you’re a diver in Nusa Lembongan and are wondering whether to buy your diving gear or stick with renting, you’re not alone. Purchasing new equipment is an important decision and one that requires a lot of thought. To make it easier, you should do your due diligence and consider all the factors that come into play. Rental costs, the durability of the product, and maintenance needs – to name a few – should be considered before making the big purchase. Ultimately, deciding between buying and renting here in Nusa Lembongan can be tough. However, researching what’s available on the market will make the task easier.

Is It a Must for Me to Buy Diving Gear?

If you are at a Dive Center Nusa Lembongan, it is not always necessary to have your scuba equipment. However, there are situations in which you will need to bring your equipment. This includes professional divers who may need their gear for work, divers with special fitting requirements, and those traveling to an extremely remote area (or on some liveaboards) that do not provide equipment.

What to Compare when Renting or Buying Diving Gear

1. Proper Fit and Comfort

Having a good fit is crucial to your safety while swimming underwater, as well as your comfort. When purchasing or renting your equipment, you will spend time trying on several sizes and styles to find the one that fits you best. You’ll have to keep track of all the gear you use when diving, and you’ll have to make sure it’s in good working order before you go underwater.

2. Reliability and Safety

Having your equipment means you’re always prepared; you can always find your safety mask because it’s always in the same pocket; you can always find your backup air supply, and other accessories are never far from hand. You can hire everything you need to go scuba diving from Dive Center Nusa Lembongan. Still, it’s important to remember that leased diving equipment can present an additional safety risk unless you’re completely comfortable with it. Having your own equipment means you’ll always be aware of where your spare parts, accessories, and oxygen supply are kept.

3. Cost-Saving and Time-Saving

If you aren’t a professional scuba diver, you probably take time off from work to go on dive trips. Having your own scuba equipment will free you up to spend more time diving and less time fumbling about with rental gear at the dive shops. If you find it inconvenient to transport your diving gear from one Dive Center in Nusa Lembongan to another, you should buy travel-friendly scuba gear that is lightweight.

In the long run, renting scuba equipment will add up, so investing in your gear makes sense. This is especially key if you plan to dive every day during your trip. The expense of renting equipment can add up quickly throughout a longer stay.

4. The Learning Process

When you purchase your own set of scuba gear, you’ll quickly become well-versed in its many uses. If you haven’t yet started your PADI IDC Indonesia course, it’s best to stick with the basics until you’re confident you’ll make the sport a regular hobby. You can get started with scuba diving with a mask, snorkel, regulator, fins, and BC (buoyancy compensator), so there’s no need to drop a ton of cash all at once. It’s not always possible to rent everything a diver needs, especially if they have specific criteria. For example, underwater photographers may require extra-large BCD pockets to carry multiple wet lenses.

5. Multi-Purpose Uses

Scuba gear can be used for other activities as well. Many dive computers offer free-diving modes so that you can bring your mask, snorkel, and fins on any beach vacation. Wetsuits and rash guards can be utilized for other water sports as well.

6. Useful Dive Computer

Different models of dive computers have varying options and features, and it can be a hassle to learn how to use a new rental computer for each dive. Having your computer means you can learn how it functions at your own pace, and many of them can sync with your laptop for instantaneous dive transfer.

Final Thoughts

The decision to own or rent diving equipment will depend on whether you plan to go diving regularly or are a professional diver. From the points above, there are many benefits you will enjoy when you have your diving equipment. If you can afford one, make a point of purchasing your own diving equipment.