Different Names for Beach Chairs

Beach vacations offer the best of the best in relaxation, and it is common to go to the beach compulsively. People frequently engage in sporting leisure activities, but it is necessary to take a break now and then. Some people prefer to relax on the sand, while others prefer to sunbathe on a beach chair.

As the name implies, beach chairs are various types of outdoor seating built specifically for use at the beach. At first, you might not think there is much variety to be found here, but there are more types of beach chairs than most folks realize. You might also wonder what else is a beach chair called.

Beach chairs have different terms. The following are the various names and types of beach chairs.

Names for Beach Chairs

a beach chair facing the sea under a beach umbrella

Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are simple chairs with a folding frame and a canvas back and seat. These chairs are typically found on a beach, yard, or ship.

Beach chairs are only two to three inches off the ground, allowing you to lean back while keeping your legs firmly planted on the ground. If you’re searching for portable, lightweight chairs at the beach or on sandy ground, these are a good option.

But don’t confuse them with your lawn chairs. The primary distinction between lawn and beach chairs is their height above the ground. Beach chairs typically allow people to recline only a few inches above the sandy ground, whereas lawn chairs are a couple of feet higher.

Folding Chair or Collapsible Chair

Another name that people associate with the beach chair is the folding chair. This folding furniture is a lightweight, portable chair that folds to a smaller size or flat and can be stored in a row, stack, or cart.

Folding chairs are commonly used for seating in places where permanent seating is impractical or impossible, such as at the beach. This includes indoor and outdoor events like funerals, religious services, college graduations, and sporting competitions and events.

Folding chairs are often used at home for any situation that necessitates additional seating. Card games, parties, and temporary seating at the dinner table are examples of this.

Some folding chairs also function as rocking chairs.

Deck Chair

A deckchair is a type of folding chair similar to a beach chair. They typically have treated wood or other material frames. The term is often used to describe a portable folding chair with a single strip of vinyl or fabric forming the seat and backrest.

It was originally intended for recreational use on the deck of a cruise ship or ocean liner. Although some styles are extremely difficult to fold and unfold, it is easily stackable and transportable. Different models could have an extended seat that can be used as a leg rest and whose height can be adjusted, along with armrests.

Camping Chair

A camping chair, also known as a camp chair, is an ultra-light folding chair with a canvas backrest and seat suitable for use in short-term quarters, typically outdoors, such as camping at the beach on vacation, due to its ease of setup and portability. Essentially, it’s similar to a beach chair.

Types of Beach Chairs

two beach chairs shaded with an orange umbrella

Traditional Beach Chair

The typical beach chair is about two inches above the sand. You don’t need to sit in the sand with this chair, but you can sink your legs and feet into it. You can sit on the water’s edge and let it splash on you.

Backpack Chair

When you’re on a beach that requires you to travel or walk to, a backpack chair will come in handy. This beach chair is designed to be worn as a backpack. They are lightweight, and when you are ready to sit, you can unfold them into a chair.

You can bring other stuff in your backpack as well. They can be collapsed, making them extremely portable and light, and they seldom have any padding.

Canopy Beach Chairs

Canopy Beach Chairs resemble traditional beach chairs, but they have a canopy attached to them. The beach canopy is connected to the chair’s back to provide shade from the blistering sun. There should be enough shade to lay in the sun without wearing sunglasses under the canopy.

A typical canopy beach chair’s frame is made from aluminum, and the seat is plastic. They are extremely long-lasting chairs. They have a variety of styles.

The chair comes with an adjustable canopy or umbrella; some chairs have a permanent canopy and umbrella, while others can be removed. Beach chairs with a removable canopy are easier to transport.

If you’re on a group vacation and are looking for a bigger shade, this guide to beach canopies can help!

Lounge Chair

two wooden lounge chairs under a beach umbrella

If you like to nap on the beach, a lounge chair is a perfect option. A lounge chair with pillows as foam padding is to be expected. You can relax a little more due to this.

Many lounge chairs are chaise style and have various reclining positions, making them highly adjustable. You can sleep with your face up or down, and they are also situated low to the ground. One disadvantage of these chairs is that they are frequently difficult to transport.

Many chaise lounge chairs don’t have padding, but some expensive luxury models do. Some ergonomic options are available on high-end alternatives. A neck pillow with lumbar pillows, extra support, and zero-gravity seating are among them.

Padded Beach Chairs

Padded beach chairs are akin to traditional beach chairs but have foam in the seat and back for added comfort. This protects your backside from aches and pains. You might even find a padded beach chair with an armrest easily.

This is not your usual beach chair, as they usually do not have padding. If you enjoy sitting on the beach for long periods, this is probably the best option.

Sand Beach Chair

A sand beach chair is similar to a lounge chair, but it has a more graceful curve. Although this sand chair has a simple design, it may not be the best choice for someone who has back or leg problems. You might be able to find some adjustable sand beach chairs, but not as many as a lounge chair.

These chairs are much more stable than traditional lounge chairs, especially when sitting on loose sand. These chairs are close to the ground and suitable for children and most adults, but they are not suitable for seniors.