Why Dr. Whalen Was Named among Virginia Beach Areas Best Chiropractor

The number of Americans seeking chiropractic healthcare keeps increasing as the day goes by. However, one practitioner of this special type of healthcare has been able to rise above his peers. Dr. Michael Whalen is a renowned chiropractor and a favorite of a lot of people seeking chiropractic.

So, if Dr. Whalen is one of the top Virginia Beach chiropractors, what makes him special? Well, that is the purpose of this article. Here, we will discuss the various reasons Dr. Whalen is considered such a great chiropractor. But, before we dive into all that, let’s discuss what exactly chiropractic healthcare is.

Meaning of Chiropractic Healthcare and Chiropractor

Chiropractic is known as a type of healthcare that involves stimulation of the body parts, particularly the spine to help it heal and is done without the use of surgery or medication. Chiropractic emphasizes that the body has an inherent ability to recuperate and heal itself.

This practice has been in existence for about 120 years. Therefore, there has been enough room for modification and refinement which has brought it to the standard practice we have in current times.

Any healthcare provider that practices this particular type of healthcare is a chiropractor. They often work with just their hands to manipulate the affected body part and aid healing. One great thing about this practice is that it does not undermine the values of other healthcare practices.

And so it can be combined with some other practices, like acupuncture. You may visit here https://www.pettetchiro.com/blog/6136-why-combine-chiropractic-care-with-acupuncture if you want to know the benefits of combining acupuncture with chiropractic. Chiropractors will gladly combine their practice with another as far as it is in their patient’s best interest.

Why Dr. Whalen is one of the Best Chiropractor

The following are the major reasons why Dr. Whalen is widely renowned in his field…

1. His Patients Give Positive Feedbacks

A customer’s review about any service is the best way to determine if that service is great, average, or downright bad. And for Dr. Whalen, the positive customer review keeps pouring in. His patients always have a good tale to tell about his service quality and expertise in his field.

2.  He is Very Experienced

Dr. Whalen has been practicing chiropractic for a long time. This has made him very experienced in the field. His decision to be a chiropractor was also influenced by his encounter with one. Around 1980, Dr. Whalen could not turn his neck without experiencing some difficulty. A friend then told him about chiropractic and advised he considered it.

He initially refused the idea, however, after a while; he could no longer bear the pain and decided to give chiropractic a try.  Upon his recovery, he decided to take up the practice. This experience is what makes him very confident in the value of this practice and ultimately makes him always give it his best.

3.  His Achievements Speak for Him

Dr. Whalen has achieved quite a lot in chiropractic, and these achievements are there to speak for him as one of the best. Some of these achievements are:

  • He has been given the Doctor of the Year title twice.
  • Been the President of the California Chiropractic Association.
  • Received a Charles and Betty Adams Lifetime Achievement Award from the California Chiropractic Association.
  • He has also written many books about chiropractic healthcare.

All these achievements go to prove just how exceptional he is in his chosen field.

4. He is not Just a Chiropractor

Before his experience that led him to become a chiropractor, our star doctor was a qualified medical practitioner. So, when he attends to a patient, he does not only attend to them as a chiropractor but also as an expert in the medical field.

For instance, if a patient has neck or knee pain, he treats the part and then tries to find the cause of the pain. Dr. Whalen is more flexible with his treatment; he may sometimes give his patient lifestyle advice that will ensure better health. Read this article to learn ways physiotherapy helps to improve lifestyle. This holistic approach to treating the patient plus his expertise and commitment is what deeply ender Dr. Whalen to his patients.


If you have ever wondered about Dr. Whalen as a chiropractor, then this article is the best place to start looking.