Charming 2021 3D Wooden Models of UGears

For people who love to challenge their minds, putting together puzzle pieces is a great activity to do. Puzzles, like jigsaw puzzles, have been around for many years now. Before, they were just maps cut into little pieces that fit together. But today, when you visit stores and search online, there are many different sizes and shapes of puzzles you will find, and they are also made of various materials.

Puzzles are both entertaining and educational. They are great pastime activities, too, especially if you are looking for a hobby that will keep your mind busy. But today, during the age of advanced technology where almost all people have smartphones and access to the internet, how do you think can puzzles retain their appeal? Well, the key is to add new elements to them to make them more fun and entertaining, just like what UGears did.

UGears is a company that creates and sells 3D wooden puzzles, which are fun, entertaining, and educational for both children and adults. And their products are more than just puzzles because they are made from high-grade and 100% natural plywood. Each model has elegant shapes, whimsical ornaments, and fine textures. What’s great is that the fun does not end when you complete their puzzles. It’s because most of their models are very useful, too.

Once assembled, the puzzles of UGears can be used as pieces of decoration at home or in the office. They offer elegant sets that come in different themes, such as transport, animals, buildings, and more. Another amazing part of their puzzles is that they have moving elements, such as opening doors, moving levers, rolling up sails, and more.

If you are interested to know more, we are happy to introduce to you some of the best 3D wooden UGears mechanical models.

UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05z

UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 is a luxury mechanical vehicle model. It is a miniature replica of the iconic 1950s blissful convertible cars. It has a traditional design and a signature rubber-band mechanism that provides its self-motion. It has a fully-functional steering wheel, moving window cranks, and windshield wipers. Its trunk and hood can be opened, and the seats can be reclined, too. To set it in motion, you just need to wind the wheel mechanism in the trunk and release the lever. This model is made with high-grade natural wood materials. This kit comes with illustrated instructions, too.

UGears Carousel

The UGears carousel is a unique tribute to the happiest days of our childhood. The key rotating element of this model is its base platform and the center pole. Both of these spin in opposite directions to create an illusion of a faster and life-like motion. It is also powered by a rubber-band motor. Another thing that makes it interesting is that it has two rows of horses that go up and down as the carousel spins around. This model is made from eco-friendly and high-quality plywood. No additional materials are needed to assemble this puzzle. It also comes with an illustrated manual that will make the assembly easier and more fun.

Treasure Box

The UGears treasure box, when assembled, can be used to hold small items like pieces of jewelry or a set of keys. It is actually an entertaining box to use because to open it, you will need to spin a wheel gear and press on the hand lever. It will start the internal mechanism of the box, lifting it slightly upward and opening its lid. And to close it, you will need to hold a finger on the hand lever for a few seconds, and the lid will start to close.


The UGears Safe is a construction kit that will allow you to create your own safe box that has a real working combination lock. It is a wonderful storage for some of your most important small items. You can also use this wooden safe to enhance your safecracking skills, but only for fun, of course. It is a great customizable toy that will certainly bring a lot of fun.


The UGears Hurdy-Gurdy is the world’s first fully operational musical instrument. It is an exact model of an old-fashioned French instrument, and it features an intricately detailed design. It is an artistically pleasing wooden 3D model that you can display in your house or office, or use to play some music. The hurdy-gurdy kit is also a great gift for your friends or family who love puzzles and music.


The UGears train is an enthralling steam locomotive model. It is a superbly detailed design of the V-Express, which will allow you to observe the beauty of its moving parts. It has gears, shacks, flywheel, and cylinder-piston arrangement that makes it look like an actual train. Like other UGears models, it also runs on a rubber-band operating motor. It can go up to 13 feet in just a single wind. The UGears train model is a great puzzle to complete and an enjoyable and educational toy to play with.


The UGears truck bears a resemblance to the iconic 1920s Ford Model. It is motorized by a set of rubber bands that can shift it into forward, neutral, park, and reverse transmission. It is a quite challenging wooden model to build, but the outcome is absolutely worth it. Aside from this model, UGears also has many other truck models that you can check out.


The UGears flower is an elegant bud-shaped box which has petal doors that open like a blossom after turning the ring. It is perfect for holding and displaying pieces of jewelry. You can choose to put in the center either a tree or a ballerina. This stylish wooden box is also a great gift for someone special.

These are some of the best mechanical puzzle models that UGears offers. But aside from these, they still have a lot more, which you can discover by visiting their website. These puzzles are indeed perfect for those who like to challenge their minds, and they are wonderful art pieces that you can display at home or in your office, too. What are you waiting for? Check out the different models that UGears offer and see which of those you’re up to completing.