Best Beach Sport Ideas

The beach is one of the perfect places to have fun, keep yourself fit or do both. Apart from the usual swimming and surfing, there are other great sports ideas that you can do and enjoy by the beach. Check them out here in this gallery!

Body surfing is the sport of riding a wave without using anything to keep you afloat, such as a surfboard. In other terms, you try to keep yourself buoyant to be able to ride the waves. Despite there is no floating device involved in this sport, there is otherwise a specialized pair of swim fins or flippers to help the swimmer catch the waves as well as to enable propulsion. A lot of the body surfers have sworn that the best experience you should get out of this sport is catching the highest wave possible.

Deep Sea Diving

Everyone who has gone deep sea diving has said that the wealth of the ocean is more alluring than what we usually see on land. But of course, anything that’s beautiful could be dangerous, that’s why deep sea diving might be one of the most delicate but most adventurous sea sports around when taking the depth of the sea into consideration (100 to 130 feet). Not only that, it requires a lot of other things, from the proper diving gear to applying for a license. Plus, aspiring divers will also need to verify the authenticity of the instructors. But the moment you plunged yourself into the ocean and see the colorful and fascinating forms of sea life, it will be worth all the work and pre-requisites. For those looking for a unique diving experience, scuba diving in St. George, Utah offers crystal clear waters, diverse marine life and stunning underwater rock formations. Dive in and explore the underwater beauty of St. George with Scuba Diving St George Utah.


Football (or beach soccer) is pretty much like the usual football except that the terrain is played on a beach or any other sandy area, as well as some modified rules. You’ve got to hand the credit to the founders of the Beach Soccer Worldwide for changing some of the rules to adjust to the different playing environment. The organization is also responsible for staging tournaments around the world. Whether you like it or not, beach football will always have to be there.


If you don’t like to do some intensive beach sports, playing frisbee will do! A frisbee disc is all you need. You may do it by yourself just for the thrill of watching that round plastic momentarily gliding for a while. To make it more enjoyable, you can invite your best friend to play with you — whether that best friend is a human or a Golden Retriever.

This sport is popular among tourists, especially the younger ones. You can say that the jet ski itself is a half-scooter (the upper part) and part-boat (the lower part). It skims across the water surface and is maneuvered through handles. Most beach resorts offer this type of beach leisure.


Want to have a more extreme version of flying kites on the beach? Or literally, fly above the surface of the water? You can do them both by kitesurfing! Only the powerful winds can guide your power kites and thus help you propel your surfboard or wakeboard across the surface of the water. Kite surfers can also do amazing somersaults while holding on to the power kites. This sport is not certainly for amateurs and kids. You need to have thorough (and even intense) training before you may be able to show off your mid-air acrobatics above the surface of the ocean!

Race to the Water

Race to the water is a sport that may be done on an impulse. It’s just like ordinary racing except racing towards the sea, of course. It is fun to do, especially if you’ve got a group of friends to make an impromptu bet on who will reach the waters first and your stuck with your firestick not responding which can be a bummer.. Remember not to run with loose shorts, though, or you may be embarrassing yourself!

Scuba Diving

This sport is also popular among tourists. Like deep-sea diving, this sport is not without surprises or risks, so you also have to secure a certificate. You can find several beach resorts that also offer scuba-diving training, but first, you need to know if those are legit to operate. You can take a short course and become a certified scuba-diver, albeit a temporary one. Of course, a proper diving gear is also essential.

Sea Kayaking

It’s pretty much like kayaking on the river or a lake but in the much more vast ocean. Many beach resorts offer inflatable kayaks for tourists, and this activity can be done alone or in pairs. Sea kayaking can be the most calming and relaxing sport or turn itself into a competitive race.


Snorkeling is another undersea sport which is a bit like deep-sea diving or snorkeling, but there are remarkable differences. Snorkeling doesn’t need a cumbersome breathing apparatus, and all the diver needs is a snorkel, a tube which is attached to the mouth which enables him/her to breathe while exploring the depths of the oceans. This sport also doesn’t require training, a license or a certificate as well. As long as you can dive and have a snorkel and a pair of rubber fins, you’re good to go!


Beach volleyball is highly popular. In fact, it is now part of the Summer Olympics, with the United States being consistent champions in this sport. This is considered one of the earliest beach games and will remain popular as a seaside diversion among family and friends or as a tournament with big prizes at stake.


Baseball is generally seen as a serious and highly intensive game, but this beach version should be pure fun. You can draw a “diamond” or some marks if needed or desired. The ball to be used should float in the water, unlike the standard baseball which can sink too quickly. No strict or harsh rules should be imposed and again, beach baseball should be all about pure fun and enjoyment no matter who wins or loses.