Best Activities to Do on the Beach

Going to the beach is one of the best things you can do if you want some time off from work, or if you are looking for something fun to do during the weekends. It is the perfect place to relax and forget about the stressful life in the city. The beach is also a great place to bond with your friends and family, and swim together. But there are a lot of other fun things you can do at the beach, aside from going swimming.

If you are onto a summer getaway soon, because as what they say, it’s always summertime somewhere, we are here to help you think of the fun activities that you and your friends or family members can enjoy. Here are the best activities to do on the beaches of Galveston that we can recommend.


Build Sandcastles

If you are going to the beach with your kids, they will surely enjoy building sandcastles and other sand sculptures with you. Or you can even do this when you’re with your friends. Building sandcastles is an easy but fun activity to do on the beach. There are no special tools needed, as well. You just need the sand, water, and your hands to build the perfect sandcastle. But sometimes, having some cups and pails are helpful, too. After building a sandcastle or other sand sculptures, make sure that you also build a deep moat around it to prevent it from being destroyed by rising tides.

Go Fishing

Not all beaches allow fishing, but if the beach you are heading to does, then it’s another fun activity you can try. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your fishing gear. If you do not have one, sometimes there are fishing piers where you can rent some fishing gear. If it’s your first time to try fishing, you can also try to look for a fishing tour where you can learn the basics, and which can take you out to great fishing spots.

Have a Picnic

Nothing beats admiring the beautiful view of the sea while eating delicious foods. That’s why having a picnic on the beach with your friends and family is also a great and fun idea. There are lots of beaches that have food concessions, but sometimes it’s more fun to pack a lovely picnic. Plus, they are cheaper, healthier, and you are sure about how they taste. If you are planning to bring alcoholic beverages, you need to check first with the beach you are heading to if they allow these types of drinks.

Play in the Casino

Some beach resorts have casinos, and if you are staying in one, then you can definitely spend some time there, most preferably at night when you can no longer do any water activities outside. You and your friends can surely enjoy a night playing slot machines and other games. However, if your resort does not have a casino, you can still enjoy playing in your room or villa via casino games online.  That way, you probably can save lots of funds as in an online casino, it is a much more relaxed environment. Be sure to check out sites where you can win real money and have some fun.

A regular casino has no windows and tries to pull you in as much as possible – combined with beautiful girls to make sure you stay longer and buy drinks. In the online world, you have a full control over what happens, and no one can manipulate you. So, if there’s no physical casino where you are staying, don’t worry. It might be for the best.

Walk or Jog Along the Surf

If you are into fitness exercises, then walking or jogging along the surf is a great way to exercise your feet and legs. This is a great idea because while walking or jogging, you can also enjoy the smell of the saltwater and the sound of the surf, which can surely relax your mind. Just make sure that you have your water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated. Remember that jogging on the sand is more challenging compared to jogging on a paved street.

Play Some Sports and Games

If you and your friends want to be active, then playing some sports on the beach, like beach volleyball, is a great idea. Aside from volleyball, you can also try Frisbee, which you can toss over the sand or in the water. You can also play other games like corn hole, ladder ball, catch, and a lot more. You can also bring a hula hoop and have a contest on who can keep the hoop going the longest. These activities will surely give you all a lot of fun and exercise, as well.  You can also do some fun gaming at as a great option.

Chill Out and Read a Book

When you get tired of playing games or swimming, or if you are not an active person, you can also just chill out by the beach and read your favorite book. Aside from books, you can also bring some magazines or maybe listen to some music. But before chilling by the beach, make sure that you’ve applied enough sunscreen to your skin to keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Take a Lot of Photos

The beach is one of the most beautiful places where you can do photoshoots. If you want some good photos that you can post on your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media accounts, then you can ask your friends to take good photos of you by the beach. You can all take turns in taking photos of one another. Capture all the fun moments you have on the beach. In time, you will all look back to those moments when you see the photos in the future.

Admire the Sunset

One of the wonderful ways you can end your day at the beach is by admiring the sunset. You can sit on the sand by the shore with your friends and have interesting conversations. Or if the beach allows you to, you can have a few bottles of beer and have a drink while watching the sunset and wait for the stars to appear when the sky turns dark.

These are some of the best activities to do on the beach that we can recommend. All of these are very simple activities, but you will surely have fun when you do them with your friends and family. We hope this list gave you great ideas on what to do on your next trip to the beach.