Beautiful Natural Lakes in the World

The world has blessed us with beautiful creations, and they include the beautiful natural lakes that has fascinated man in no end since time began. Here are some of the enchanting and awe-inspiring lakes in the world that have been formed and shaped only by nature.

1. Five Flower Lake, China

Five Flower Lake is located in the Jiuzhaigou Valley in northern Sichuan Province, China. The valley is also a natural and national park that will dazzle you with snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and especially its pristine freshwater lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. The most famous of these lakes is the Five Flower Lake (“Wuhua Hai”), whose name was derived from the variegated colors of the lake that resemble a flower garden. These colors are utterly visble — deep blue, turquoise, golden, yellow, emerald green. The floor of this crystal-clear lake is strewn with the fallen ancient tree trunks.

2. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes are located in Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is the biggest and the oldest national park not only in Croatia, but in the entire southeastern Europe. This enchanting national park seems to be taken straight out of the fairy tale, no matter what the season (during wintertime, the place looks like a set from The Chronicles of Narnia). It has 16 lakes — 12 upper lakes and 4 lower lakes. These lakes are arranged in a “staircase” manner and the water “spills” from the upper lakes down to the lower lakes. So yes, these lakes have waterfalls! Isn’t it amazing?

3. Reed Flute Cave Lake, China

This 180-million-year-old limestone cave is called the Reed Flute Cave, which is found in Guilin, China. It is one of the country’s biggest tourist attraction spots. Although it had been an attraction since the ancient era, it was discovered as a potential tourist spot only during the 1940s. Today, an artificial multicolored lighting illuminates both the cave and the lake, furthermore enhancing their natural beauty and attracting more tourists.

4. Melissani Cave Lake, Greece

Another breathtaking lake is found in Kefalonia, Greece named the Melissani Cave Lake. The lake was discovered only recently, in 1951. Like many enchanting bodies of water, the Melissani Cave Lake has held many myths and legends. The lake shows off its beautiful turquoise waters, which can be appreciated to the hilt during the months of July and August where sunshine hits the waters, whose reflection bounces off in the surrounding cave walls.

5. Lake Matheson, New Zealand

Lake Matheson is located near the Fox Glacier in South Westland, New Zealand. The lake is famous for its reflection of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman, as well as the surrounding forests, which adds to its mystical charm. The lake is home to the long finned eel as well as several species of birds.

6. Yucatan Cave Lake, Mexico

Yucatan Cave Lake is also one of the world’s most beautiful and mystical cave lakes. It is located in Tiger Che in the Yucatan Peninsula in the north of Mexico. The 2-million-year-old limestone cave is surrounded by many mythical and legendary stories, and the locals even consider the lake as sacred as they belive that the spirits of the Mayan gods live there. Unfortunately for both locals and visitors, this place is known as almost inaccessible, and both locals and visitors are actually forbidden from swimming in the lake’s waters.