Beach Items You Can’t Do Without

Summer or spring means doing the most favorite activity among many people — going to the beach. That is unless that fun would be spoiled if you forget to carry an essential item (or items) with you.

So the next time you hit the beach, prepare a list of items ahead of time. Besides the essentials, you may also want to bring other accessories that you didn’t think of before.

When planning a beach outing, having the right items can make all the difference. Alongside your beach essentials, consider taking Nepean first aid courses. These courses equip you with vital skills to handle emergencies, ensuring safety for you and your loved ones during your beach adventures.

1. Sunscreen


Sunscreen is important as it protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, recent studies show that most commercial sunscreens are proven to be unsafe for fish and other marine life.

When you’ve already got a sunscreen, make sure to apply it ahead of time. Skip it when you go swimming, diving, or snorkeling until you’re out of the water and back on the shore.

If you really cannot live without sunscreen whether you’re in or out of the water, there’s good news! There are biodegradable and eco-friendly sunscreens now available on the market. They are just as effective for protecting your skin as the traditional sunscreens and they won’t harm the local wildlife.

Medical experts suggest that you should use a sunscreen with at least a 30 SPF. If you will go out under the sun more than you should, then use a sunscreen with a higher SPF.

2. Sunglasses

Do not forget your pair of sunglasses, which will protect your eyes from the glare of the sun or the white sand. You can even use your sunglasses when you don’t want to be bothered while you’re napping under the shade, or snoozing in the recliner at night. Be sure not to lose them!

3. Extra towel

Extra towel

Even if you have enough towels for drying yourself after taking a dip in the sea water or having a bath from your suite, you will still need an extra towel for other uses (such as wiping off sand).

4. First-aid kit

First aid kit

Most people tend to ignore their own safety and think all of the fun they’ll have whenever they go to the beach. Thus, they don’t bother to bring a little first aid kit with them. It’s always better to be prepared should accidents or injuries happen, so it is important not to forget to bring a first-aid kit with the basic medical supplies — from cotton swabs and Band-Aids to Betadine and paracetamol tablets. You’ll be surprised how handy it will be.

5. Sandals or flip-flops

Beach sand can be too hot to walk on. Plus, you may step on some other things, such as sharp rocks, that can wound your feet. It is best to wear a pair of sandals to ensure your feet’s protection. Besides, it also saves you from walking back to your hotel suite with sandy, wet feet.

6. Extra clothes

Extra clothes

We don’t mean to say that you should bring too many things in your bag as it would prove to be inconvenient for your travel. But you should bring enough pieces of clothes just in case the ones you’re wearing right now gets soiled, or your mood suddenly changes. Bring a shawl too, to cover yourself up from the sun or from the chilly sea breeze at night.

7. Binoculars


Want to have more spectacular views of the horizon, to observe or survey, or to watch over your friends who swim into the “wide blue yonder”? Binoculars are great for entertaining yourself while you’re on the shore. They also make a great safety tool.

8. Wet bag

Wet bag

Don’t forget to bring an extra bag in which you put your wet swimming clothes. This will keep them separate from the dry ones. It will be easier and more convenient to dump all of the wet clothes into the washing machine when you get home.

9. Trash bag

Trash bag

You may never know how much trash you’re going to make, and throwing litter is always a no-no in the beach, or anywhere else for that matter. Bringing a large trash bag with you is always a good idea.

10. Bottled water and food

You shouldn’t expect that every beach has food or potable water, so it’s always best to bring your own. Make sure that you bring lots of bottled water just in case — a gallon of water and a few bottles are perfectly fine.