A Rental Car To Visit Bergen

There are countries and cities around the world that look as picturesque as the photos we see in magazines and brochures, and what was once a dream, a pinboard on the wall full of adventures and places we would love to visit is now easily a reality.

Travel has significantly advanced in terms of the means and methods of getting from place to place as well as the accommodations and amenities at the venues when we arrive. The hospitality industry has boomed from what we first know it to be and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The wonders of the world are within arms-reach and the spectacles can now be part of our lives, our memories, and the prints on the walls that remind us of the experiences we have had.

Getting to your destination

Putting aside the flying aspect of the trip, because that seems to be the easiest part to organize these days, arriving in the destination country is where you want to have all your plans ready and waiting to begin.

First things first and what I always advise my friends or family-like we do for ourselves-is to arrange to pick up a rental car outside of the airport. Due to the convenience of service right on your doorstep, these agencies think this allows them to push prices through the roof and even double what you normally would.

While some people simply ‘suck it up’ and pay these exorbitant prices due to ill-planning, there is no need to if you plan and do your research. If you know you will be traveling and needing a vehicle to get around then the natural inclination would be to look for a cheap car, who knows what the local transports could cost, and by the time you find out it could be too late to get the most efficient car for your budget.

To get you started on the right track and to see what options are available take a moment to check out Goautos leiebil Bergen for a variety of choice that offers prices that are suited for all ages and demographics.

Looking for rental companies abroad needs to be done essentially in your home town and the minute you know your travel dates, then shopping for the most cost-effective option to match your needs and budget will be that much easier and stress-free.

What to look for in a car rental

It is tricky knowing who to trust and where to hire from if you are new to renting a vehicle while on holiday so research and homework are vital. Too often tourists and non-locals are being taken for a’ joy ride’, as they say, and without realizing it are paying for services, extras, and other particulars that they don’t need or didn’t ask for.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the main elements to consider and be wary of when signing on the dotted line.

  • Are you familiar with the brand or company name, most companies have branches in various countries so some names follow you wherever you go, but there are times when visiting a new area that you may have to go with an unknown?

It may seem daunting initially, but be sure to read their website from top to bottom, go through the customer comments and reviews section, and see what they have to say about the service you are likely to receive and how they felt about the whole experience.

  • In most cases, it is unlikely you will be able to visit the dealership before the day you get the keys, so reading the fine print is essential. What are their customer service requirements and offers, do they drop off and collect, is there a mileage limit, and do they provide cleaning service on-site or are you required to find one before handing the keys and vehicle back.
  • In simple terms, are there? You want to know you have options for your budget, not a give what you’re given type of arrangement, and is fuel-efficient enough to match your travel plans.
  • Do they give you a copy of the car checklist that you have both gone through together, checking the internal as well as the external conditions and noting down any concerns? Make sure bumps and scratches have been recorded, the fuel gauge number has been written down, and the insurance cover has all drivers’ particulars written on it.

You can print off this basic version of a checklist here https://checklist.com/car-rental-checklist to get an idea of what you need to keep an eye out for and to get the ball rolling. You can always add components as you see fit or that you want to note.

Things can take a turn unexpectantly and if it means there will be a delay in you returning your vehicle to the agency then there could be penalties or a fine. Ask the representative if they have a ‘grace period’ and what are the fine print details on this clause. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Renting versus public transport

Some people don’t believe in giving money to a company to drive a car that will be someone else’s next week and opt to use what locally available means there are.

Like with all things these two options come with their pros and cons, so be sure to weigh up all factors before ruling out one or the other.

The plus side of a rental vehicle is that you have the freedom to come and go as you please without needing to call and wait for a taxi company to arrive.

Cabs may be needed at all times of the night or morning and rates differ depending on when you call and how many people are needing to be transported, it could well confirm you need a bigger car.

If you want to use public services you will need to know the schedules and times of buses or trains, do you need a ticket or can you pay with a card, cash, or local currency? Weather conditions could make the wait for the bus to arrive unpleasant if it is chucking down with pouring rain, or scorching sun soon takes its toll on a group’s morale.

Hopping in the car is quick, easy, and convenient and recommended if traveling with kids. Not to mention if you have lots of luggage, souvenirs you collected while out and about at the local markets (and they soon add up), attempting to stuff them in the back of a taxi is not ideal and the driver will more than likely be unimpressed.

A final thought

Life is too short not to see the world or new places, you need to explore, experience adventure on adrenalin boosting trips, and take each day as it comes. This also means that you need to be organized and prepared, running around frantically trying to speak the lingo and asking the community for help is not a joy you want to remember or a task to put the family through.

Take your time with a hot cup of tea and plan a trip fit for royalty, you deserve it.