Ultimate Guide to Beaches in the United States

Maui beach

There is really no denying that the United States of America has plenty of beautiful and stunning beaches that locals and tourists can visit. What’s neat about the best beaches that the US has to offer is that some of them are close to each other, so you may be able to … Read more

Where to Stay in Miami on a Budget?

Miami is one of the most popular cities in the United States. It is located in the southern part of Florida and is also a port city. Apart from being the business and cultural center of South Florida, it is also frequented by tourists because of its beaches. The city is known … Read more

Things You Didn’t Know About US Beaches

things you didnt know about us beaches

With its endless coastlines, the United States obviously has lots of beautiful beaches. Here are some amazing US beach facts! The longest coastline in the US is located in Alaska, not surprisingly. The biggest US state boasts 33,904 miles of shoreline. With 8,436 miles of mostly white-sand coast, Florida has the second … Read more

Most Crowded Beaches in the World

Most Crowded Beaches in the World

The words “serenity,” “peace and quiet” and “solitude” do not apply in any of these beaches! Avoid any of the following crowded beaches, unless you like noise and people-watching! Dalian is a city in Liaoning Province, China. Its beach is packed with thousands of people in crowds every summer to beat the … Read more

Top Beaches of Florida

Top Beaches of Florida

When you think of Florida, you probably automatically think of the beaches and palm trees. Little wonder as the Sunshine State boasts 1,200 miles of coastline, a blessing for many people on the East Coast looking for an escape to a tropical paradise. The beaches in Florida are also diverse, not surprisingly. … Read more

Back to the 80s with Hotline 2

Back to the 80s with Hotline 2

Straight from NetEnt’s hot and ever-busy kitchen comes a sequel that will warm the hearts of all those who feel nostalgic for the 80s. With its premiere planned for the 24th of August this year, Hotline 2 brings a lot of that well-known sub-tropical heat Miami is famous for. Just like the … Read more

Guide to Swimsuit and Bikini Materials and Fabrics

A woman at the beach wearing two piece swimsuit

By nature, swimsuits and bikinis are the most straightforward items of clothing out there. If you look good in it and it doesn’t give you any wardrobe malfunction, consider it mission accomplished. But since it tows the line between fashion and utility, swimsuits have a hidden layer of complexity. A quality swimsuit … Read more