7 Tips to Crush Your Next Cruise Ship Vacation

While everything has started becoming normal after Covid-19 cases have reduced worldwide, and the number of vaccinations has gone up, many countries have started giving visas to tourists now. Thus, many people have started seeking fabulous cruise ship vacations to enjoy the scenic sea view and get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Cruising is a perfect way to enjoy your vacation. You get every facility on cruises while traveling, and it becomes easier to visit tourist spots while on a cruise.

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind while planning your next cruise ship vacation. Also, you can get relevant information on https://madeinturkeytours.com/blue-cruise/.

Eat delicious food on cruises free of cost

Cruises usually offer buffets which are included in the package you prefer to buy. You need not worry about your health while on a cruise as they offer the best meal options. One can opt for stuff like salads and juices if you want something healthier; otherwise, you also get options for all sorts of junk food or various cuisines.

Pack some essential stuff in your carry bags

While you start boarding your cruise, your stuff is usually deposited with them and is given to you after a few hours. Hence it would be best to always keep some essential stuff in your carry bags that you think you might require during those few hours. This can be a hand towel, munchies, sanitizer, soap, phone charger, bathing suit, sunscreen, etc.

Never over-pack

Try to make a pile of things you think would be required on the cruise journey and not just pack anything and everything you find interesting. Usually, we get a bathrobe, a towel, and some other essential stuff on a cruise which is mostly required. Therefore, try to avoid carrying such stuff as it will increase your luggage and would not be of any use to you.

Research about the ports on your journey

You should always keep a list ready of the ports included in your cruise package, and you should also be aware of what you need to do while on the ports. Because if you are not planning how to spend your time on these ports, you will miss out on the major adventure of the cruise journey.

Do sign up for activities soon after or before boarding the cruise ship

Some ships allow us to book a specific adventurous sport or a restaurant of our choice or even shows, tours, and activities. Hence, you should always book these things in advance if you want to visit a particular restaurant or a show on a specific date. Or you can even do this while boarding as it would not waste your time later on, and you would get a plan of how you will spend each day and night.

Always carry your ship’s information safely

At times, your phone gets switched off or goes out of the network area, so it becomes difficult for you to locate your ship. Also, when you board the ship, you are given a newsletter or a brochure in your cabin. Do carry it with you wherever you go as if by chance something goes wrong, you can easily contact the staff of your ship.

Take advice from a travel agent for all your bookings

As you might be aware, there is a lot of stuff to do while booking a cruise, leading to complexity in the process. Hence, one should always prefer booking a cruise and other activities or shows or anything you require on a cruise through a travel agent. You should also prefer contacting a seasoned travel agent as they are well aware of the costs of everything and guide you perfectly regarding the same. They can also help you if some misshaping occurs while you are on your trip before the trip. Also, travel agents can help you render other perks that you might not be aware of if you book things by yourself.


At times, people are busy talking on their phones or making videos or playing online video games, which might not be included in your data pack as you are on an international trip, and it might cost you a huge amount which you might not be even aware of till you receive your phone bill weeks later.