5 Tips For Planning The Most Romantic Weekend Beach Trip

Life is fast-paced and with so many things happening around you, both you and your loved one deserve to get away and unwind while rekindling the joy of your relationship. And what better way of celebrating love than taking a weekend off to experience the beach, sunbathe, and spend quality time together?

The planning process of a weekend getaway will have you and your beloved excited with the possibilities which reduce stress levels. A romantic beach getaway will mean spending quality time without any distractions, which is beneficial to the structure of the relationship.

In addition, couples with kids will get to reconnect on a spouse level instead of the parent level. Since a couple’s daily life is usually made up of routines that tend to get boring, a beach getaway will either restore or improve the intimacy between them.

1. Do Your Research

When researching romantic beach getaways, you should look for beaches around you to cut down on time spent on the road. Involve your partner in this process to strengthen your teamwork even further.

Begin by brainstorming ideas and listing the pros and cons of the beach you hope to visit. Be open-minded and communicate if you don’t agree with the beach your loved one chooses, which will help you settle on a site that works for both of you.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, research deeper into each accommodation option and get to know what offers they have and any features that may interest both of you. Look at the location and opt for something close to the beach and an affordable price for accommodation.

Suppose you opt for a hotel that’s a good distance away from the beach; research your transportation options just to be prepared. Choose your accommodation based on the amenities that you may need. For instance, if you’re working with a large budget, you can choose beachfront accommodation with undistracted views of the ocean.  For convenience sake, you can opt for Turks and Caicos Fast Track service.

2. Set A Budget And Stick To It

You should go into it with a budget in mind to avoid overspending when it comes to trips. Begin by breaking down the amount and allocating for each expense. For instance, transportation can take 27% of the entire budget, 35% can cover accommodation, food and drinks can take 25%, and any miscellaneous can be paid using the remaining 13%.

Budgeting gives you the freedom to know that you can afford all the activities you’ll indulge in without getting broke. And what’s better than not having money run out in the middle of your trip?

You’ll also get to make sensible choices that won’t affect your accounts and save you time that you would have used on your vacations to get great prices and not rip-offs.

3. Pack For Romance

A young couple share a romantic dinner on the beach

Romantic getaways mean you get to spend intimate time with your loved one, and planning for it is key. When booking accommodation, go for hotels with a child-free policy or hope for private accommodation.

Since your weekend getaway may include sun, sand, and water, you should pack accordingly. For instance, sheer coverups, silk, and summer dresses perfectly fit the warm weather.

For those steamy nights of romance, pack a great set of lingerie that accentuates your body and makes you feel good about yourself.

4. Schedule Fun Couple Activities

Weekend getaways are best enjoyed by detaching yourself from technology and enjoying the experience. When scheduling the trip, include different romantic activities that’ll get both you and your partner to indulge in fun and create lasting memories.

Some activities may include horseback riding on the beach. Not only is it romantic, but it also gives you a chance to get great photos that preserve your memories. You can also stay active by participating in beach activities, including playing frisbees, riding a bike, and long walks on the beach.

For extra romantic activities, consider having a movie night at the beach, exploring the underwater reefs together, and participating in beach music concerts. If you’re on a budget, pack up some bites and head on to the beach bonfire, and cuddle up to the sound of waves crashing and beautiful stars to marvel at.

5. Go For A Romantic Date On The Beach

What’s more romantic than having a romantic date with the one you love, especially when a beach is involved? As a result, the best time to go on a date on the beach is very early to enjoy the sunrise, and in the evening, you can enjoy the sunset next to the shoreline.

If you stay in a hotel next to the beach, chances are they may arrange a date for you. However, you can still do it on your own, making it budget-friendly. Carry a comfortable blanket, a basket with food items, an ice cooler with assorted drinks, décor, beach furniture, and soft music to set the mood.

Get creative by drawing hearts on the sand to hold led candles that add a romantic feel to go a step further. Being creative will make this experience worthwhile, and who knows, you may fall even more in love.

Get a couple’s massage set up on the beach for the ultimate relaxation on the weekend trip. This way, you’ll both be pampered and relaxed before going back to your daily life.

Bottom Line

When organizing a weekend beach trip, your main goal should be to enjoy your time together and reconnect without life’s pressure. Get to focus on yourselves and look for activities that make your bond even stronger.

And when looking for accommodation, don’t just be rigid about settling for a hotel but explore other alternatives that may not only be cheaper but will give you a greater experience. Reviews from other travelers should influence the research process as it gives you a sneak peek into what to expect.

For your packing list, add reef-friendly sunscreen and apply it every time you go out to avoid getting sunburns that may be a romance killer. In addition, if you’re traveling to beaches with lots of bugs, mosquitoes carry your repellant to keep you safe from bug bites.